Allies Wanted!

8 04 2008

 Allies are wanted for our new Army, The Non Member Army!  We are new but we have a continually increassing amount of people and most of our members are very experienced! And if we ally, ask us for help and we’ll be there!

If you are worried that we will jump out of nowhere and attack all your members, we will only do that if they are showing off, or if you are unfair towards Non members. (eg: not having a proper non member uniform, which means at least 3 items.)

Dont worry, if you need us, we’ll  be there

A Duckie (BeachPig)




3 responses

8 04 2008

wait a second….. what color are the members of your army? I suggest yellow! If you are not yellow then I will not recognize you then i won’t be your allies!

When in doubt go to

9 04 2008
9 04 2008

hey my army MW can be allies with u guys we have a mix of members and non-members

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