Molten Warriors Battle

12 04 2008

The Molten Warriors are back and they have claimed control of Wool Socks, a Canadian Server which we have had control of for two weeks. They are declaring war. Here is when and how…

Ok the non-member army say they have wool socks but we’ll show them we are going to war with them heres the info (they have chosen this not me)

Time: 8am Club Penguin Standard Time

Date: Sunday the 13th

Place: Wool Socks, Dojo but we may move

Why: Because we own Wool Socks

What we are going to do.

Prefferably we should all arrive 10-15 minutes early at the Forest. We may find more recruits and this could  prevent people from atrriving late.

While battling, have our Chat open on another internet. (It is found at this site on the chat page) we can discuss last minute tactics and who we should target.

While fighting we will remind them that we are the Non Member Army and that we are United!

If allies arrive (I have asked the Black Bandits to come) we will help them out as if they are our own people.

We will listen to commanding officers! If we need to retreat to another area or we need to charge or we pick them oiff one by one.

This is not a Practise war and I hope everyone can make it

We Will Fight Hard




9 responses

12 04 2008

alright,I understand.I hope I can make it!

12 04 2008

got it

12 04 2008


12 04 2008
Paul 2 857 2

Man, It will be like 12:00 here in Brazil. I will try my best to attand, but perhaps I not be able to come. If I am not there, you can put Mario800123 as a substitute.

13 04 2008

Im nto sure about this time, I will try negotiate for better times with the MW, If not then its war!

13 04 2008

I’ll try to be there

13 04 2008

I may not make it to this war because of something else and I have asked for another time but If We cannot just fight as normal!
Be Strong!

13 04 2008

Ok. I think i will be there. Is it ok if i wear:

head item: red propeller hat (last april fools)
eyes: swirly glasses (last apri fools)
body: the only i have is SEABELT (last sub-marine party)
color: red
hand: friendship bracelet (rockhopper and the stowaway book)


13 04 2008
Paul 2 857 2

Hey, I was there and there was no war!

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