Skirmishes and Sled Racing

13 04 2008

A few Members of the Non Member Army went around the Tundra server playing multiplayer games and joining skirmished between the WW, BB and normal penguins. I added a few buddies. If you want to meet me and the rest of the army we will be organising a time soon, decided by you and then we will meet each other, have a practise war then have fun round Club Penguin!

We will definetely be on Half Pipe server, and if anyone wants to come they are welcome! Times will be chosen later. If you have a good time comment. If you want to use the available ones, here they are

9:00 pm CPST Saturday

9:30 pm CPST

10:00 pm CPST

10:30 pm CPST

1:00 pm CPST

1:30 pm CPST

Comment which you think are ok or suggest your own


A Duckie (BeachPig)





7 responses

13 04 2008

I was one of them!But 10:30 P.M. CPTZ isn’t a good time. What about 2:00 P.M.

13 04 2008


13 04 2008

We can try that sure!

14 04 2008

I was there too. Sorry I didn’t add you because my comp was messed!

How about another time?

14 04 2008

Sure, You came a bit later, after most other people were gone but we still did a bit.

14 04 2008
Paul 2 857 2

I couldn’t come 😦 . But we already met and it was cool, we should do this again later.

14 04 2008

Yes We Will. I want to meet all the members of this army, have another practise war then go around coub penguin!

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