Tundra WarII

20 04 2008

People all over are declaring the start of Tundra WarII. It is similar to Last Time, WW and the BB. WW have the obvious advantage of more troops and have managed to get the Nachos and ACP to help.

It started when WW banished BB from Tundra, they had been sharing for a long time. They did this because several older members of BB who had failed to see the obvious alliance, had attacked the WW. Also lately, BB and WW have been having several smaller arguments and getting fed up with each other. Some members of each armies (not mentioning any names) have insulted and impersonated each other.

BB say they own Tundra just as much as WW and have given permission for and BB to shoot at will if they see a WW. They are both fighting for Tundra but if one army wins, the other army will probably just invade again. The Battle is still going on Now at Tundra Dojo! The NMA are stuck inbetween two allies.

What should we do?

A Duckie (BeachPig)




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