War Declared!

27 04 2008

While the Elites are still terrorising, We are moving to Mammoth! An official battle time will come later but if you see an elite, permission to fire! Show Your Colours! This might be our official war time, for our members and allies!

The Real War will not be Fought on Mammoth. We will try fight in a less crowded server!

Pacific Standard Time:

12AM Friday!

12AM Saturday!

Comment on which one you prefer, or any other time that suits you. To find PST you can visit this site http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/usa/pacific-time/

We will  probably fight in the Dojo.

Elite; Beware

A Duckie




7 responses

27 04 2008
Y Oda

is it usa time or Perth time

27 04 2008

I miss it!

27 04 2008

i missed it great

27 04 2008

is that 12AM or 12PM? like in the night or afternoon? im confused, either way I can only make it on saturday

27 04 2008

no its next week dont worry.

27 04 2008

ok its on ducky

28 04 2008
Y Oda

im in perth so in perth it might be night time and i be in bed when if its night time so i might not be able to make it

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