NMA’s New Enemy…The Net Agents…Yay!

29 04 2008

The Net Agents have allied with the Elites… doing so they are attacking us. They want to destroy us. In my opinion Net Agents are a small army trying to get the help of the Elites just for more power! I dont know what either army sees in each other but either way they are attacking us. You have full permission to fire at will if you see a Net Agent.

A Duckie




5 responses

29 04 2008

ok ppl go to mammath right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its 12:34 pst midday the elites r at the dojo
there’s like 4 of them there and 77ninja77 is there too
theyre in the dojo
my username is charmi and im new to this so tell
me if ur in this army if u come

29 04 2008
Cyclone999, Japhet and Briggles

I’m the leader of the Net Agents. Greetings, non-member army.

30 04 2008

hmm. we should organize first

30 04 2008

ya ur right it’s just that i saw them there

30 04 2008

Its on Saturday PST

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