War on Elites!

30 04 2008

Its Official! We are at War with the Elites! We will all need to be there! United, we can win! This is a chance for older members to fight hard, and for younger ones to prove themselves.We will be promotimg. Its War.

Time: 12PM PST (pacific standard time) (Midday not Midnight!) If you cannot find PST it is right here http://www.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/usa/pacific-time/
Place: Half Pipe Server (American) In the Dojo and maybe a few other rooms.
Why: The Elites dont know when to stop!
Also when at war Make sure You Are On NMA Chat! We can discuss tactics!

If you are our ally please comment if you can get your army to this war!

A Duckie (BeachPig)




6 responses

30 04 2008
Hani Salem

you have a nice work here friend

30 04 2008

rainmakerz will help u!

1 05 2008


2 05 2008

what will it be on day? I’ll be happy to help!
~Pirate Squad Leader Mario800123

2 05 2008

oh and if its on Saturday Paul can’t come because he’s on a trip and he won’t be back until Sunday.
~Pirate Squad Leader Mario800123

2 05 2008

Oh well but Saturday was the time the magority wanted.

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