BB has probably fallen again… Truely

13 05 2008

Santino died. In real life. 😦 I didnt know it but Its never funny when someone dies. It sounds like a serious post, And i Hope its not a joke. Well I sort od do but I dont like the idea of lying about that. Conoriscool7 was his friend, and was pretty much the only one keeping BB, or what was left of it alive. JustinBronze is more interested in other armies. So bye BB. Farewell.

A Duckie




6 responses

14 05 2008

bye beachpig:(

14 05 2008

who is BB.

14 05 2008
Paul 2 857 2

just wondering: Do NMA soldiers have permission to join other armies while we fight for NMA?

15 05 2008

Sure you can as long as they arnt an enemy. And you should still be expected to help us out.

15 05 2008

And Conoriscool7 is a TRAITOR! Screw BB!

19 06 2008

be quiet.

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