Co Leader Elections!

16 05 2008

Ok, for the Co Leader Elections, I will give a breif description about why each person would make a good co leader…

Charmi A loyal soldier, Non Member who is against starting pointless wars

Paul28572 also a loyal soldier, who has great plans for the future of the NMA!

Jeff A tratior who can give us inside information….but whats to say he wont give away info on us…

SeaCrunch A loyal fighter, who has been with the NMA for a long time.

Mario800123 doesnt give up and fights Hard till the End!

Bid Now An experienced leader, without much experience inside the NMA

You can vote at

Note: Even if Somebody Wins, doesnt mean they get the job, especially if it was close. While this poll goes on, I will try talk to people about what they would do, but winning the poll will give you a better chance of becoming a co leader

Also, Conoriscool7 has been taken out of the BB because he is constantly getting them in trouble with other armies, and the BB have no intention of taking our server.

A Duckie




3 responses

16 05 2008

~~charmi~~ 🙂

16 05 2008

lol yeah

17 05 2008

my vote goes to charmi

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