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18 05 2008

Ok, the news Here we Go.

RPF tournament

ACP v Nachos: Officially ACP won, but I think the Nachos were better organised. Altogether the battle was a bit scrappy and I think the Nachos would have won but we would need a full legnth war to find out. Scrappy war between two large armies, not the best. The Umpires may have been siding towards ACP

WW vs PRA: WW won because the PRA, never showed up. A wate of time.

Golds vs GTA :  Golds Dominated, not much to say, Big and organised vs Little and scrappy. Not much to say

UMA vs RPF: Actually very evenly matched, although UMA lost, they both fought well. The armies were not huge in size, but respectable. Again, it could have been anything, sepending on the umpires.

so, the next round looks to be shaped like this

WW vs Golds (seems evenly matched, maybe a bit of favour to the Golds)

RPF vs ACP (RPF have bitten more than they can chew)

Army Tournament

Unfinished draw, but we are still up against U.S.A (underground secret agents) If we win we will be against either the Pirates, or the Golds, which seems like a hard one. The complete tround, copied of is

We have found U.S.A’s site, so we know what we are up against. They are at . We still dont know when the wars start, so be ready.

BB Are redoing their site. Conoriscool7 has apologised for taking advantage his position of power, and is reallowed in the NMA but wont be ever given a higher rank that Squad General. The BB have no intention of taking our servers.

UT are angry at CPR (Club Penguin Rangers) and the Elites. They are getting ready for war, but it may be a false alarm.

ACP are not declaring war on the Golds, which would be suicide because the Golds have the Nachos, IW, Pirates and a few other armies teaming up with them. It turns out it was just Oagalthorp, still trying to keep going after his time is up.

Elite are choosing a server to take over. They want a big server, so some army will get in their way. None of the servers are ours, and as far as I know they dont belong to an ally, so its ok.

NMA Sorry about the Co Leader Elections postponed, But we will still hold them. We may have more rules, but we need to wait untill we have finished or taken a break from the tournament, and (maybe) have fought in the Elite War, depending on whats happening next.

That was A Duckie, on Air, from NMA’s Army News.




7 responses

18 05 2008

we need ur help against CPR thanks if u can

18 05 2008

ok i finally got it, i wont be able to go on during nights pst because that’s like midnight here, i cant be on on friday afternoons pst. i get out of school at like mornings in pst. i hope this doesnt interfer with nma stuff

18 05 2008

woah,you got 6,357 hits and counting! you’re gonna get 10,000 hits soon! anyways I hope the tournament is soon,and I hope the guy who controls the tournaments says the time soon!
~General Mario800123

18 05 2008

Ok, Ill try help everyone with this.

18 05 2008

I’m so annoyed by these bumpers! I think that we should kick them out of half pipe for good! Can we have a liitle war or something with them?

18 05 2008

hey beachpig as UT Coleader i would like to say this army has benn the most helpful in spreading ur so I think you will be given a honor for that

19 05 2008

Yes, but Bumpers are unorganised, we cant really declare war. they dont have a site and wouldnt know anything. The best thing is whenever you are online and see them, let them know they are Not Wanted.
Thanks lotofpie!

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