Main News.

21 05 2008

Ok since a lot of things have been happening, I wanted to post just a few main things here.

CPR Ok Club Penguin Rangers are officially enemies. They dont like any army, including ACP and UT, and are Allied with the Elites. All theyr really want is to Destroy. Well too bad. We dont like that. NMA was made to make CP more equal, and if we have to fight, we will. CPR are going down!

Why Us? lol Anyway, a new army wants to take over Half Pipe. Hurrah. They have not chosen a time yet, but we should try patrol Half Pipe, for at least 5-10 mins a day. To check up on their site, look at (link supplied by RICE) Thanks

NMA I have split up the Ranks, Squads and Bases page, and Made a new page, N.O.N.M.A (Nation of the Non Member Army) Check it out! We have gotten rid of servers we dont need, and have added new governers! Check them out! Also, the Ranks Squads and Bases has been shortened to Ranks. Comment and tell me what you think!

LOAOCP We may have a practise war, with the LOAOCP (league of Armies of Club Penguin). It will be either NMA and MW vs FF and LCP or NMA and LCP vs FF and MW. Vote at and take a look at the link. Either way, we should fight hard!

A Duckie, with NMA News!




7 responses

21 05 2008

my cp name is 2k8888

21 05 2008
red destoyz

in your dreams we have tons of allies acp and ut started the enemyship anyway you cant beat us.

21 05 2008
red destoyz

an we arnt small we have tons of troops

21 05 2008
Paul 2 857 2

Just to everybody know: I will be traveling till Monday as tomorrow is my birthday. Check the chat today for more details. That really inclundes you Mario.

22 05 2008
Cyclone999 & Briggles

I accept! You are now an ally of the Net Agents!

22 05 2008

Red Destroyz, You arent that good. Happy Birthday Paul, We’d be glad to Ally with the Net Agents!

26 05 2008

Wait CPB is not new. The site is new but not the army

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