The Whole Deal

26 05 2008

Because of A lot of things going on now, I am making it all into one post to clear things up…

Co Leader Elections

Are still running! You can join too by filling out this form, as long as your rank is Squad General or Above!

What is your Penguin Name?

What is your Rank in the NMA?

Why do you want to become a Co Leader?

Why do you think you would make a Good Co Leader?

What more would you add to the NMA?

There will be 2 co leaders appointed. One will be chosen based around what they said answering their questions, and one will be voted. The vote will go, deciding the main 2 canidates, then they will prepare a speech then have one last vote.

The people already signed up are: Mario800123, Lotsofpie, Charmi, Tb27 and Paul28572


As I wanted to enter a tournament, I will create my own. If you were in the tournament before, comment here if you want to join this too. You have to be the Leader of an Army! All wars will be on Half Pipe Server, where we were created. I will personally referee most wars, plus two other referees who belong to different armies. Winning will be judged on skill, size and ability to fight.

Please join! We will comment on your army site AT LEAST 3 days before the battle, so you can be prepared.

To join, just comment your army name, give us a link to your site and your name, as the leader. Without this we cannot let you join.

Please Note: Not all armies may join, as we want to make sure the armies who were in the original army tournament get a chance to join.

Armies that have joined are: MUA, UT, CPB and LW. Please Join! We need 3 more armies!

Practise War

Ok, the practise war is slightly screwed up, the FF disbanded, and camstar57, their leader joined us. So I suggest doing the war as followed..

NMA and UT vs LCP, MW and LW as this seems like the fairest way to do this.

Here is the time and place…

Time: 1PM CPST (Club Penguin Standart Time) or PST Saturday, 31

Place: Half Pipe Dojo

Why: To keep our Army in shape!

I may give promotions during the war for being able to attend and for brave fighting. Medals will not be gained due to the fact that it IS a practise.

If any other army wants to join, just comment!

New: WW Olympics

WW are holding there first olympics, their events include, Sprinting, Sled  Racing,  1 v 1ice  hockey and 4 v 4 ice hockey, swimming and snowball fencing. The link is

Please join, and represent NMA! Also, it is hard to create teams for the 4 v 4 hockey, so if you want to join NMA’s first ice hockey team, comment with your name, an y experience you might have and if youll be able to make the games. Anyone in the NMA can Join! Anyone will be in a team! We might have an A and B team, but that shouldnt stop the Fun! We will hav e 5 people per team, 1 sub, or reserve if someone cant make it. NMA Needs YOU! lol. Join! 

Edit: Our new record for Hits in One Day is 369! Wooo!

Thats all the News for Now! Keep your TV on, NMA News lol!

A Duckie (BeachPig)




7 responses

26 05 2008

Can UT join the tournament? I think you know the site and when I post in websites its marked as spam.

26 05 2008


26 05 2008

I think Charmi is one of the penguins who will win,and she’s a lot of fun.
~General Mario800123

26 05 2008

Thanx Mario, your the BEST! I hope you have a chance of winning too.

26 05 2008

lol,tv. halarious.

27 05 2008

Bid Now
Crazy Squad General
So I can help them to become one of the best armies in club penguin.
I have lots of experience and fought in alot of wars.
Meetings to improve NMA. A public say about NMA. Practice Wars. Votes before we do something huge.

28 05 2008

charmi you already won!

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