Invasion on Summit

28 05 2008

Edit: Pinkey2we I have had enough. Stop asking people to comment and add you to your blogroll! Too Bad! Just to show you how annoying it is, im providing a link to another site for laughs, and see who laughs. NMA is NMA buisnesss!

The Rainmakers are invading Summit, Elites head server. It will be after the  practise war, so if we are faced with combat, we will be able to use our practised strategies.

Where? Summit, USA

When? Friday, June 6, 5:00PST

Why? To purge the Elites

I may not be able to make the invasion, I have toher things planned, but hopefully we will stillwork it. For more info, visit the Rainmaker site, at

For more news on the Practise war, its this Saturday, PST

NMA and UT vs LCP, MW and LW as this seems like the fairest way to do this.

Here is the time and place…

Time: 1PM CPST (Club Penguin Standart Time) or PST Saturday, 31

Place: Half Pipe Dojo

Why: To keep our Army in shape!

I may give promotions during the war for being able to attend and for brave fighting. Medals will not be gained due to the fact that it IS a practise.

During the War, We should all be on chat. We will try use tactics that we have not used before, and Listen to Superior Officers! Check the Ranks please! Also, Squad Leaders should lead squads unless instructed otherwise by a General or Higher.

Check out the tactics page, we will be attempting some of that. The Uniforms page has also been updated. Tell me what you think.

Whenever you go on CP, you should also stay on Chat. It means if any other NMA troop is on you can find them and buddy them, then have fun! Even if nobody is on, keep it there. Hopefully this encourages more people to go on Chat.

A Duckie (BeachPig)




7 responses

28 05 2008

isnt mua included in the tournament?

28 05 2008

this is the lpractise war, not the tournament. Ill keep you updated on that too.

28 05 2008

whoa dude CPB is gonna be in the tourney

28 05 2008

Ya sry beachpig ill be fighting for UT but we are on the same team right?

29 05 2008

yep, this isnt the practise war. Sure lotsofpie, I understand.

30 05 2008

so we fight the elites (and win again),sounds way to easy. Remember last time? I bet they’re gonna be 1 hour late again just to throw us off. DON’T GO AWAY UNTIL YOU NEED TO GO!! Lol. I’ll be on chat all day

30 05 2008
Will Work For Beer

Oh, ok cool. This is where my hits came from. Pinkey2we is okay, lol sometimes (slightly crazy) but thanks for putting me on your blogroll. But Im not sure If i deserve it. Oh well, who am I to quesion hits lol.

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