Co Leader Time!

10 06 2008

Ok, here are a few things youve probaly wanted to know.

The New Co Leader! I have though long and hard for this, but in the end, the winner was…

Charmi! Please comment or eamil to me your email, so I can add you!

Co Leader Weekend! This weekend (Friday-Sunday) Will be a Chance for our New co Leaders to do their own thing! I wont be supervising, or helping. I want to see how well you can do on your own. I will ask people how it went. Feel Free to post on the site. Do ONE activity of your choice, it can be anything, but dont let it be a REAL war or the 10000 hits party. lol. Have Fun, and dont do anything stupid lol.

Tournament is going on as planned. If anyone wants to be a referee for this weeks match, its 12 (midday) PST Half Pipe Dojo. MUA and CPB vs UT and LW. If you want to be a referree, comment.

Flag Contest is still going. Make sure you include

A NMA penguin

The Non Member Army written on it

The Quote “Fight for Whats Right- Join the NMA Today!”

But the rest is up to you! Even the size and shape, but nothing too weird! lol.

To enter

Make a flag

Post it on your blog/site/ anywhere and give me a link OR attatch it to an email at . The choice is YOURS! Try it out!

Recruit! I will be giving Promotions for being active members of NMA, give your opinions, go on chat and recruit. Make sure you SHOW UP yo events, or give a good reason why you cant!


A Duckie (BeachPig)

PS: I have updated the Ranks page! Check it Out!




One response

10 06 2008

Doing nothing stupid could be a problem……..but we’ll see. AAAH! ITS ELMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!
~Co-Leader Mario800123

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