Charmi, Mario800123, Its YOUR Turn

12 06 2008

This weekend, starting now, you may be led by Charmi and Mario800123, in activities of their choice.  This is a test of their leadership, without me to help.  If you show up, and check it out, then report the good and bad to me, I may reward you! If you participate in events like this, its more likely that YOU one day, will be the ones hosting it.

Good Luck To Everybody.

Charmi, Mario800123, You should post and GET THIS THING GOING!

A Duckie (BeachPig)




7 responses

12 06 2008
RICE ( 2k8888 )

hi ive just found out that the vikings are saying that all armies that are not allies are enemies
they are allied with the cpr (club penguin rangers) and the Elites!!!!!!!

this is their site

12 06 2008
RICE ( 2k8888 )

if you already know that like i know you do beachpig
i’m sorry


12 06 2008

Dont worry, I found them before. But they arent taking any hostile action, apart from allying bad armies. If they do start attacking Citezens of CP, we will be there.

12 06 2008

K i wanna ask A Duckie if he could help my army, the tsacp, against the elites on saturday. The times are below:

Day- Saturday,14

Time- 1:00pm EST time

Where- Mammoth Dojo

I hope u guys can come to it.

Waddle on!

Therinator1 and Lil window8

P.S. Can u make a post about it?

13 06 2008
Paul 2 857 2

A Duckie, I think Mario got one of him dissapearence crisis, so I don’t know if he will make the post. And if I am not mistaken, Charmi doesn’t have an wordpress user, so she need to do one first then you add her.

13 06 2008
Paul 2 857 2

And I would change the place of the tournament battles, cuz I think it would be really difficult to battle in the dojo with this octopus in its meadow.

13 06 2008

Ok I will post about the TSACP war. Paul, thanks for letting me know about the huge octopus in the dojo. The best place for the tournament is the pool.

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