15 06 2008

Hi! I’m Mario800123 one of the newest Co-Leader! Well everyone knows its Sunday and the last day of the weekend. I was hoping to do an event today,hoping many of you can come. But I’m not so sure. It will just be a small party.

We need more notice for these things…

By the way when I comment it always appears as Mariolober,so don’t think its someone else.

~Co-Leader Mario800123

For A Duckie: The flag contest will be over soon. If you have a flag you better send it in quick!

Edit: TSACP have joined the Tournament, with a default of  2 points, one for each round. Any other armies wanna join?




4 responses

15 06 2008

There is something you should know about me:I’m almost always bored. But still I wanna be a big help to the NMA!
~Co-Leader Mario800123

15 06 2008
RICE ( 2k8888 )


15 06 2008

Thanks for the information Rice
~Co-Leader Mario800123

16 06 2008

Part of this reason is because you have to give more notice before these things.

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