War With CPR Today!& more

28 06 2008

Ok, We’re having a war with CPR today. It’s going to be a really big one so I want almost every NMA soilder to come. It’s ok if some of you can’t come. Whoever does come, I want you to fight like a true NMA soilder and show CPR what we got!!!

The war is TODAY. The server is DOWN UNDER. At the DOJO. It’s going to be at 1:00PST.

Here are the tactics CPR are going to use:

Start recruiting up to 30 minutes before the start time of the battle.

Attack in wide open areas so you will look bigger. Another way to look bigger is to stay apart from eachother without overlaping fellow soldiers or being squished together.

Do not follow commands from any other penguins besides Ktman, 321fishpop, and Red Destoyz. You can also follow commands from the highest ranking penguin at the battle is neither of the three CPR leaders are there.

The break away tactic

Run into a group of enemys causing them to disperse hench the word breakaway after this has happend pick off soliders one by one until the enemy has given in.

Emote bomb

A personal favorite of any army you select an emote ( this will be selected on chat ) them you stand in the enemy and repeatedly use this emote this will anger the enemy making them vunerable

Room Force

You hold a squad of soliders in the room next to the one your battling in you then move the enemy so they have there backs to the entrance as soon as this is you rush the room with your reinforcements causing the enemy to panic then after that you pelt them with snowballs until they retreat to another room.

Room Rush

Stand by the door in case an enemy charges if they do they will go into the map or next room

Make sure they don’t use complete advantage of these tactics because we already know what they are.


We’re almost done with the squads. We just need someone to be Water Squad Leader.


The tournament isn’t over yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s one more week to go.

5th Week: TSACP vs. UT vs. NMA,but this week there is a special. Who ever wins get 5 points,3 for drawing,2 for losing,and 0 for not being there. Bonus points will be rewarded for good tactics and brave fighting.

It will be (like always) this Friday,Half Pipe, 1:00 P.M. PST (Penguin Standard Time) Dojo!

Here are the scores so far:

NMA: 8

UT: 5


That’s it for now.


Mario800123:The War was on Saturday! It is over.




15 responses

28 06 2008
red destoyz

u have to give us credit for that copied post

28 06 2008

ok srry

28 06 2008
Reader Boy 7

Can i please make a Runescape division for the NMA?

29 06 2008

You can,but I wonder why Runescape needs the NMA.
~Your Leader Mario800123

29 06 2008

UT and NMA won the battle, CPR and RR ran away to rockhopper, and our forces stayed claiming victory.

29 06 2008

troopx they didnt when i was there NMA were getting pwned 2 troops vs 18 troops we moved the battle to sherbert cos u said u didnt want war in down under so there then i had to go but it looked like CPR and red raiders won

29 06 2008

i wanna be water squad leader

29 06 2008

toopx stop your the reason we lost. you showed wat you shouldnt do. not let certain people on some servers. you guys werent even envolved. and CPR had no reason to fight you.

29 06 2008

this is the red raiders website


2k8888 out

29 06 2008

an army called the sscp claim bigsurf

here is their link


2k8888 out

29 06 2008

mario if i show up to ur next war not the 1 today i cant make it will u promote me to commander

29 06 2008

Hey, Its not very good yet, but I started a RS division. Be sure to join to get a good rank! Its at http://nmaofrunescape.wordpress.com Can you add it to the Blogroll?

29 06 2008

The tournement is on saturday not friday is was friday only because of LOA now change the date

30 06 2008

Swemaj you were there be4 CPR and RR got there @$$e$ handed to them by UT.

30 06 2008

that wasnt fair rockhopper was a diversion so lets see how bout when rockhopper leaves we have a rematch?fair?

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