WW is back and olimpics

30 07 2008

Good news, one big army that was our ally in the past came back, WW! We hope we are still allies. They’re leader is spaceybird, and one of their co-leaders, Gambler, is organising an olimpics game. NMA encourage you to participate. Here are the details:

Agust 2008 club penguin olypics

29 07 2008

Hola Gambler here. And guess whats back. Thats right the olypics. It will be just like the olypics held about a month ago. The repersinting server will be…………………………………… BOBSLED.


To sign up go to www.gambler21777.wordpress.com and sign up on the sign up page. I dont want to put it on the ww site because i dont want to take up space.


Sleding race. 15 people needed.

Details: your simple old sled racing only with 3 people tough. The other one must be a judge to make sure its fair. You all have to wear different colors to avoid confusion.

Hokey: 4 teams of 2 needed. (8 people total)

Details: 3 games seris will decide who the best is. Two judges needed. Different coler teams.

100m races- 20 needed

Details: A race from the forest to the cove and back! One judge needed in forest and in cove.

500m- 10 needed

Details: A race from the light house all the way to the cove. Judges needed in each passing room.

500m relay: 20 needed

Details: A simple relay from light house to cove. A relay person at each room. Judges needed in each room.

10 judges needed

Camera person needed

Film person needed

Announcer needed (for xat)

Rember sign up at www.gambler21777.wordpress.com

Thats all for now gambler out

(Took from www.wwofclubpenguin.wordpress.com)

~~~~Not your leader – Paul 2 857 2



30 07 2008

Hey people, are you alive? N one comments more, no more posts, what’s up? People think our army is dead. Everybody who is active please comment, and that includes people higer than me. I know i wasn’t here for some time but it was because I was traveling. Say if you think we should organise a meeting.

Mario800123:Ok,done. By the way,I was not on holiday. I don’t see you everyday,so whats the big deal?

Army Prom

20 07 2008

Hi guys,

Here is the invitation:

This is the invitation ^ ( CLICK TO ENLARGE )

Remember: Its an ARMY Invite.


Its a prom, bring your mate,girlfriend, partner or whatever. You can go alone if you like. ALL PEOPLE ACCEPTED!

So can all the armies post this post on their site. Thanks

Ok,thanks Lucario! Oh and don’t forget about the poll!(Ends Wednesday)

~Your Leader,Mario800123

Second Page of Servers

16 07 2008

Since of the CP Updates,NMA clains the second page of servers!

~Your Leader,Mario800123

Note:We might not take the page because owning servers might just be pointless,WHO CARES ABOUT THE SERVERS??!! Anyone can get on and do anything. Heres the poll to decide(Because I want a fair advantage.)By The Way The Poll ends NEXT WEEK!


NMA Meeting & Squads

12 07 2008

NMA is having a meeting. Every NMA soldier should come!!!

Where: Dojo, Half Pipe & NMA Chat

When: 1:00 PST (Penguin Standard Time), July 18th, Friday

Who: Every NMA soldier(there are a few exceptions), If you can’t come plz comment here and say why.

Why: We need to be more active & we need to talk about Order 67.

I expect almost everyone in the NMA to come. It’s ok if some of you can’t come, but plz let us know by commenting.  Some of you may even get promotions. And I don’t want any excuses because we’re giving 5 days to know about this meeting. Remember, this meeting is really important.

Ok, some ppl still haven’t chosen their squads yet. So please do that if you haven’t. Here are the squads you can be in.

Water Squad

Crazy Squad

Pirate Squad

Ok that’s it for now.


Charmi Edit: The day has been changed to Friday.

World War 3

10 07 2008

World War 3 has started,ANATA wants to destroy all smaller armies,including us! We must join forces to defeat ANATA! Its a group of the ACP,RPF,UMA,Nachos and IW. Help defeat them! We need all our soldiers! This Army Can’t Fall because ANATA wants to become the best army in Club Penguin! We are strong,we are Army Strong!

NMA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Your Leader,Mario800123

Tournament Results

5 07 2008

Well the Tournament ended today,and it was a hard choice,but:




NMA won. Congratulations to us! TSACP didn’t even come once. I hoping to do this soon.

~Your Leader,Mario800123

PS:The Co-Leader Elections are still on! Join now! Here are the people who already joined:

Paul 2 857 2,Flamingo 528,2k8888,Edman22.

Answer these questions first though!

What is your rank in the NMA?

Why do you want to become a Co-Leader?

Name at least 3 reasons why you think you will be a good Co-Leader.

How will you help improve the NMA?