Tournament & NMA of Runescape

4 07 2008


Ok so this is just a reminder that the tournament is today. This week is the last week and every army still has a chance of winning! I hope alot of people can show up to the battle.

5th Week: TSACP vs. UT vs. NMA,but this week there is a special. Who ever wins get 5 points,3 for drawing,2 for losing,and 0 for not being there. Bonus points will be rewarded for good tactics and brave fighting.

It’s today(Friday),Half Pipe, 1:00 P.M. PST (Penguin Standard Time) Dojo!

NMA of Runescape

Recently, Readerboy 7 has started a new division of the NMA. It’s a Runsecape Army. Just like the original NMA, this army stands by everyone’s right for equality in Runescape! Good Luck on the army!!! For more information please go to their site.

Have a good 4th of July!


Mario800123:The Tournament is tomorrow! We can have a practice round today but it won’t count. By the way Happy Fourth Of July!




3 responses

4 07 2008


7 07 2008
elitesof main FGR leader

Hey guys I just started FGR on RuneScape so wann abe allie on CP and Runescape?

Our main server is World 55

8 07 2008
2k8888 NMA RUNESCAPE Co-leader

just comment on next post

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