World War 3

10 07 2008

World War 3 has started,ANATA wants to destroy all smaller armies,including us! We must join forces to defeat ANATA! Its a group of the ACP,RPF,UMA,Nachos and IW. Help defeat them! We need all our soldiers! This Army Can’t Fall because ANATA wants to become the best army in Club Penguin! We are strong,we are Army Strong!

NMA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Your Leader,Mario800123




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10 07 2008

The ANATA (consisting of ACP,RPF,UMA,Nachos and IW) have declared war on all of the smaller armies in club penguin including your army, if you would like to stay an army and defeat them join the RAOCP(rightful alliance of club penguin) the RAOCP is an alliance of all the smaller armies anata has declared. make your army a part of this great alliance if you want to win this war, to be a part of this great alliance go to,all armies in the raocp will be treated equally

-monkek man

10 07 2008

i have created an alliance of all small armies to join together and destroy anta
its called the aacp (allarmiesofclubpenguin)
here is the link just fill in the forms and the first 3 will get to be head ambassador. at the moment anta are organized we are not if we wnat to survivr we must grit our teeth and work together.
here is the link

10 07 2008
2k8888 NMA head general

the guy allarmiesofcp is me

2k8888 out

10 07 2008
2k8888 NMA head general

it will make sense later if it gets accepted

10 07 2008

This is World War 4 not 3 and its ANTA not ANATA. CPUN and LOAOCP teamed up to take them down and i heard u guys are in LOA so it will be fun working with you! Me (Itachi), Ktman, and Lucario have been getting armies to help us everywhere! Theres no way we will lose!


10 07 2008
The cards

when is this???????????

10 07 2008

Heh It too early for you guys too know. I kinow the times of course 😉

11 07 2008
77 hockey


11 07 2008

guys we can win this

11 07 2008

You’re a big army, why dont you join ANTA?

An ACP Soldier
Charmi: FYI, I thought ANTA called every other army that’s not in ANTA a 2-Man Army! That’s NOT true. Half of ANTA’s soldiers are noobs!!! Btw just because an army is big doesnt mean they’re good! Idc if we don’t have alot of ppl, at least our soldiers auctually listen to us. Your soliders are going to run around and just throw snowballs!! We’re going to kick your @$$3$!!!!

11 07 2008
elitesof main FGR leader

dude your way behind its world war 5 FGR has been through WW2 WW3 WW4 and now WW5.So edit it and we are no longer the rebellion we are part of the order

11 07 2008

NMA are now head of the ngaa and im ambassador xd

2k8888 out

p.s so if you see me as allarmiesofcp its me lol

11 07 2008
Keiterixo (Cyclone999)

Here, I don’t exactly play Club Penguin, I’m working on my private server of Maple-Story! Also, I have a good plan you can use:

Spam: Make another wordpress and spam ACP’s site! Now, all you can use 2 minutes creating an account. Also, spam their chat! Their chat:

Hidden Page/Newsletter: Make a newsletter or something to send of all the leaders small armies of CP. You guys can create a little ‘resistance’!

Ambush: They are all on mammoth, right? Well, use some hacks that you can use in order to go into full server (i use it sometimes) and then ambush!

That’s some strategies you can use!
Peace out!
Keiterixo a.k.a. Cyclone999!

12 07 2008

i am deleting my blog as its a remake of loaocp and because if theres too much alliances we will prob lose

12 07 2008

Would you like to be allies with the CAC and the Wizards?

12 07 2008
27 07 2008

hey my army will help out. we already beat the black jackets and made them fall apart.

-indcoltsfan6, leader of the shadow spartans

3 08 2008

It’s amazing

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