NMA Meeting & Squads

12 07 2008

NMA is having a meeting. Every NMA soldier should come!!!

Where: Dojo, Half Pipe & NMA Chat

When: 1:00 PST (Penguin Standard Time), July 18th, Friday

Who: Every NMA soldier(there are a few exceptions), If you can’t come plz comment here and say why.

Why: We need to be more active & we need to talk about Order 67.

I expect almost everyone in the NMA to come. It’s ok if some of you can’t come, but plz let us know by commenting.  Some of you may even get promotions. And I don’t want any excuses because we’re giving 5 days to know about this meeting. Remember, this meeting is really important.

Ok, some ppl still haven’t chosen their squads yet. So please do that if you haven’t. Here are the squads you can be in.

Water Squad

Crazy Squad

Pirate Squad

Ok that’s it for now.


Charmi Edit: The day has been changed to Friday.




9 responses

13 07 2008

The date and time is fine with me. I have been researching Order 67 and I think the CPUN is on our side. (YEAH!)

NMA forever!

13 07 2008
2k8888 NMA head general

i might not be able 2 come
im in trouble wid my dad.

2k8888 out

13 07 2008

fine with me

13 07 2008

im coolio

13 07 2008
Paul 2 857 2

Do you know that ANTA means “a verry dumb person” in Portuguese, lol.
And I proably not come. I will be traveling again.

14 07 2008
~Extreme the great

Lol charmi, your formatting of posts looks exactly like beachpig’s.

14 07 2008
2k8888 NMA head general

this is a post from the red raiders website
for a planned attack on anta nations

Ktman, Lucario, Troopx, and I (Itachi) have planned to basically have armies in every room in CP during the battle! Each army (That is fighting against ANTA) has been assigned a room to fight in. Note: Don’t leave the room you’ve been assigned to during the war. If you get bored in the room you’re in because no ANTA armies are there then just think of a game such as “Truth or Dare” or “Tag”. Note: Most armies will have to share the room with another army.

Dojo: MW, ROCP, Union, IPDC

Ice Berg: LCP, Rebel Warriors

Mine Shack: UT

Mine: MUA, CPD


Forest: RPA, MCP

Plaza: Aqua Warriors, CPAR, CPA

Snow Forts: CPB, CPA

Town: CPW, CP Wolves, SA

Dock: CPR

Beach: UPA, IACP

Ice Rink: NMA

Lighthouse: Red Raiders

Lighthouse Beacon: MOCP, ECPA

Ski Village: Vikings

Ski Lodge: CPBA, CP Assains

Mountain: Sleet Empire

Sport Shop: Bounty Hunters, Ice Vikings

P.S.- Every Army in this List please post this on your site. This is very important. Thank you!


2k8888 out

14 07 2008
2k8888 NMA head general

oh sorry the server is fjord
and they havent decided a time.
ive heard itl probably sometime next week

2k8888 out

14 07 2008

ok thanx rice

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