Army Prom

20 07 2008

Hi guys,

Here is the invitation:

This is the invitation ^ ( CLICK TO ENLARGE )

Remember: Its an ARMY Invite.


Its a prom, bring your mate,girlfriend, partner or whatever. You can go alone if you like. ALL PEOPLE ACCEPTED!

So can all the armies post this post on their site. Thanks

Ok,thanks Lucario! Oh and don’t forget about the poll!(Ends Wednesday)

~Your Leader,Mario800123




5 responses

20 07 2008

Cant read the date or time! When is it.

20 07 2008

Tomorrow,12:00 P.M. Lucario’s Igloo.
Ice Box.
~Your Leader Mario800123

21 07 2008


30 07 2008
~Extreme the great

I’m pronouncing this army dead/inactive

30 07 2008
Paul 2 857 2

We are no inactive. I think it is only Mario on holidays. Wait and you will see.

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