30 07 2008

Hey people, are you alive? N one comments more, no more posts, what’s up? People think our army is dead. Everybody who is active please comment, and that includes people higer than me. I know i wasn’t here for some time but it was because I was traveling. Say if you think we should organise a meeting.

Mario800123:Ok,done. By the way,I was not on holiday. I don’t see you everyday,so whats the big deal?




8 responses

30 07 2008

I’m with NMA all the way. We should try a meeting, the last one was disastorous! 😦

31 07 2008
Paul 2 857 2

I though you were traveling not just because i haven’t seen you. It was because you haven’t posted anything for like 10 days! It isn’t really normal, and lots of things happened.

1 08 2008

We arent dead. It’s just that nothing really is going on…

1 08 2008

Yeah! Why post about nothing?

2 08 2008
Paul 2 857 2

If the come back of what was our biggest ally in the past is nothing….

3 08 2008

you ppl wanna be active about something !! LCP and RCP are declaring war on you! * practice*
reason: i don’t wan’t your army to fall

3 08 2008

hey i ma UT co leader whoot whoot im with nma 2 whoot whoot

5 08 2008
Keiterixo (Cyclone999)

I’m here….ACP are acting like jerks.

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