WW is back and olimpics

30 07 2008

Good news, one big army that was our ally in the past came back, WW! We hope we are still allies. They’re leader is spaceybird, and one of their co-leaders, Gambler, is organising an olimpics game. NMA encourage you to participate. Here are the details:

Agust 2008 club penguin olypics

29 07 2008

Hola Gambler here. And guess whats back. Thats right the olypics. It will be just like the olypics held about a month ago. The repersinting server will be…………………………………… BOBSLED.


To sign up go to www.gambler21777.wordpress.com and sign up on the sign up page. I dont want to put it on the ww site because i dont want to take up space.


Sleding race. 15 people needed.

Details: your simple old sled racing only with 3 people tough. The other one must be a judge to make sure its fair. You all have to wear different colors to avoid confusion.

Hokey: 4 teams of 2 needed. (8 people total)

Details: 3 games seris will decide who the best is. Two judges needed. Different coler teams.

100m races- 20 needed

Details: A race from the forest to the cove and back! One judge needed in forest and in cove.

500m- 10 needed

Details: A race from the light house all the way to the cove. Judges needed in each passing room.

500m relay: 20 needed

Details: A simple relay from light house to cove. A relay person at each room. Judges needed in each room.

10 judges needed

Camera person needed

Film person needed

Announcer needed (for xat)

Rember sign up at www.gambler21777.wordpress.com

Thats all for now gambler out

(Took from www.wwofclubpenguin.wordpress.com)

~~~~Not your leader – Paul 2 857 2




17 responses

3 08 2008
2k8888 NMA head general

hi this will be my final comment as i am quitting
i will not make a big speech on how good my time here has been although it has been good.

2k8888 out for the last time

p.s could you post this and i will be at the olimpics hopefully.

4 08 2008

😦 snif sniff

6 08 2008

I need advice, I’m would like to help an army but i’m stuck. Acp STOLE a server from Nachos for Non Members. ACP are bunch of jerks but for non-members, who should I help?

9 08 2008
~Extreme the great

This army is inactive again…

17 08 2008

u guys r so inactive this army is falling

24 08 2008

we need a duckie! in fact i’ll keep commenting till duckie comes back!

24 08 2008

or at least charmi or mario should do some thing

24 08 2008

if i could be at least an author on this site i can post cpnews and keep this armie active

24 08 2008

i was thinking of holding a video contest for nma

24 08 2008

here are the rules:

1st place 500,000 coins

blah its a bad idea

p.s. i won’t stop commenting until someone does something

24 08 2008

o nma needs a new rank system

24 08 2008

probably one like ww’s

24 08 2008

plz someone do something nma was a big armie! i think i can keep it active if i was at least an author this armie would be huge!

24 08 2008

p.s. srry i meant army*

26 08 2008

we want duckie wOOt wOOt go duckie or charmi and the other guy lol jk srry mario

27 08 2008
~Extreme the great


29 08 2008

……… ok? Now im practily begging plz bring nma back!

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