26 09 2008

Well I finnaly posted again….and I was just playing video games instead computers.Keep going on the elections.

~Your Leader Mario800123


Co-Leader Elections

6 09 2008

Its been a few days since I’ve last posted,but the title says the elections. First you have to be active.Must answer these questions AND must write a summary about the latest news. This is to be sure you know the army well.It can be short,but must be true.Don’t just copy parts of posts.

What is your rank in the NMA?

Why do you want to become a Co-Leader?

Name at least 3 reasons why you think you will be a good Co-Leader.

How will you help improve the NMA?


If you don’t know your rank and its not in the ranks page please comment but if you want to join in the elections skip the rank question and I will answer it for you.

~Your Leader Mario800123

P.S. Does anyone know what happened to charmi? She isn’t doing anything with NMA….