NMA Victory

17 12 2008

For those of you who still aren’t up to date with the old NMA site which is now a cp news site, We had a 2 vs. 2 battle, It was NMA & LCP vs. MRS & KCP (all NMA were in LCP as well but we turned into NMA uniform)  and we pwned They were running and screaming XD here’s a few pics :



Not bad for a dead army huh? Now imagine what we can do once we have more recruits and were settled in. I belive we can become one of the strongest nations out there stronger than WW or BB so i want all of you to advertise this first week and let everyone know the old NMA is back!!!!

~”Fight for whats right ~Beachpig”  (I will now use this for the NMA sign offs)





2 responses

17 12 2008
§♥§Spaceybirdy§♥§ - ★WW Leader★

Lol! xD

17 12 2008
Lucario564 *Lcp Leader*WW Warlord*

whats so XD about this (D) *Glares* (D) NMA was WW’s greatest allies back in dialga’s day. *glare*

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