17 12 2008

When: Sunday(this sunday) 12:00 pm pst.
Why: Chaotic Warriors Dont like Us
Were: Half pipe, Snow forts
Who: NMA & ??? vs. Chaotic warriors

Lucario: Ok 1 Hour before the war i expect all troops to be on this chat : http://xat.com/nonmemberarmy We will be reviewing tactics and other stuff. Comment here if you can or can’t come.

Mario800123:I hope everyone goes there,but all please visit this site

That is our CP Blog,so please visit it!

Oh and Go To the war!




10 responses

17 12 2008

U spel where wrong idiot

17 12 2008

*spelt my t is broken a bit

17 12 2008


17 12 2008

What room?

17 12 2008
ricky glam


18 12 2008

what room and its NMA & ??? vs CW USCP MA and the CPAA

19 12 2008

hello lucario. we may be able to help. continue with communtications to our blog -RANGERS

19 12 2008

Alright then,but who is ??? ? (The fourth question mark is the end of the sentence)
Oh and keep checking out our NMA CP Site BLog! It’s in the blogroll!
~Mario800123,one of NMA’s Leaders

19 12 2008
ricky glam

i can’t make it i have to go to school i won’t be back until 6:00 est

20 12 2008
Lucario564 *Lcp Leader*WW Warlord*

on a sunday….. o and if your going to tell us how to spell make sure you know how to spell yourself.

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