War Results

21 12 2008

Today we had a well fought battle vs. chaotic warriors. but in the end it was a tie. here are a few pics :




Well we may have wonn but after the war i had a meeting with the CW leaders and we decided to make an alliance and declair this war a tie. they also told us who was responsible for causing this war. (edman) so this will not go unpuneshed. me and the troops and mario decided not to demote you. But you will be an editor now for NMA. and ik you were tring to help but you could’ve made a practice war. We don’t want to become like the old Elites. (when acp hated them )

~”Fight for whats right -A duckie”


Mario800123:Edman,you’re no longer leader for 2 weeks,don’t do anything without premision,and Paul 2 857 2 and Money and all the other people who were at the war will get medals!!!! Congrats!

Oh and CW is now allies so if you see them don’t attack!





2 responses

22 12 2008

Dude u guys conquered them

28 12 2008
lots of pie

Well you kinda cheated(used clones) but not bad for a dead army

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