War Today!

21 12 2008

Remember,the war is today!!!!!

When: Sunday(this sunday) 12:00 pm pst.
Why: Chaotic Warriors Dont like Us
Were: Half pipe, Snow forts
Who: NMA & ??? vs. Chaotic warriors

Lucario: Ok 1 Hour before the war i expect all troops to be on this chat : http://xat.com/nonmemberarmy We will be reviewing tactics and other stuff. Comment here if you can or can’t come.

Okay this is a real war not a pratice and everyone who comes will get a medal,and if you did a good job you will get 2 medals.

Now get going! Now I want you go to that chat now. (I’m pretty bored)

And then we will start the war!


Update!!!! Server is granizo on the portoguize servers!!!!!! Go there now!!!!!




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