NMA Meeting/recruiting

28 12 2008

Ok i would like to hold a NMA meeting/recruitment drive here’s the detials :

When: This tuesday

Where: NMA chat

Time: 10:00 am pst

~Comment here if you can or can’t come





8 responses

28 12 2008

i might be there and also can u guys add me in the ranks? also if i were a editor i could help u guys start this army/

28 12 2008
28 12 2008
30 12 2008
Paul 2 857 2

Sorry, can’t come. Guess what? Going to the beach for holidays again.

1 01 2009
4 01 2009

can i b a admin again cus i am a co leader

4 01 2009

nma we need some help. mix is one of the co leaders in my army the thunder fighters and he scheduled an all day recruiting day. this is a great idea but it would help if we had more than 3 people recruiting so if you guys can just put on TF uniform for a while (when were on cp) and help us get more troops we can more effectively help you in battle in the future

5 01 2009
Paul 2 857 2

Hey Mario, can u log in to my CP account while I am in the beach? I found a computer, but it takes ages to load CP (the connection speed is 28,8 Kbps) so i can’t get the new pin and itens… The password is still the same.
Great thanks

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