What’s going on?

24 01 2009

Mario800123:I’m adding this part because there are a lot of people confused about this armie’s Join page. MEMBERS CAN JOIN,they just have to like Non-Members! I know members help keep CP intact,but they’re showing off too much,and if you’re a member and you want to join you must not be mean to non members. So basaicly everyone can join NMA,just have to like Non-Members.  I hope this clears all the confusion up,so that people Member and Non-Members join this army. By the way,I will be adding this to every post because people won’t go back,ussualy. Thanks for reading!

Alright,it’s been  a long time since anyone in this army has been seen. To get people active I will have Pratice War,but with only us (since I don’t know if any army has time to do anything) so there will be Group A and Group B (I will be at Group A) at:

Server:Half Pipe

Room:Snow Forts

Time: Sunday(This Sunday,so it will be tommorow),12:00 P.M PST (Penguin Standard Time,check the clock and Snow forts)

Comment which group you want to be in,and say if you can come or not,I will try to make the time acceptable for everyone.

~Mario800123,NMA Leader

Group A:Mario800123

Group B:No one yet.



20 01 2009

Hello U.S.A. Penguins! Barrack Obama is offiouly the President of the United States! And Joe Biden is Vice-President! Did you watch Obama be a president on T.V.? I saw him on T.V. at school! And if you didn’t see it,it will probably be on Youtube by now. Cya!

~Mario800123,NMA Leader


13 01 2009

Hello People! It’s me, Mario800123! I can play all day now,so everything will go

back to normal. So I just wanted to say hello!

~Mario800123,who is back

LOA Tourny Round 1/Medals

8 01 2009

First off guys we have a war this sunday here’s the info –

First The match for thursday is a go but it looks like cp clones dropped out giving TRA the forfite win. (hehe) ROFL you guys if you want to be in the tourny earn it. so The match for thursday is MRS vs. KCP vs. TRA, same time and place as post below.

Now for the Real thing. Here is the tourny table and matchups :


Now here is the matchup info

Match 1 :


When : This Sunday 11th 2009

Where : Halfpipe snowforts / backup server, snoeshoe snowforts

Time : 8:30 – 9:00 A.M. pst, 11:00 A.M. est.


Match 2 :

WW vs. KCP/TRA/MRS (depends who wins on thursday)

When : Same as above

Time : 9:05 – 9:35 A.M. pst

Where : same as above


Match 3 :


When : Same as above

Time : 9:40 – 10:10  A.M. pst.

Where : Same as above


Match 4 : (The predicted main event)

BB vs. UT

When : same as above

Time : 10:45 – 11:15

Where : same as above


Those are the matchups, now here are the rules –

-No bots

-Can’t fire until official war time

-Must finish were war stareted

-You must have your army in the front of your name (example [WW soldier] Wii Mountian

-You’re in it to win it

-Have fun

-(new rule) There will be a five minute inter mission in between every battle.

(copied from the loaocp site)

Were facing LCP a pretty meduim sized army. Before this battle I want to have a meeting/recruiting day. So here’s when it is :

When : This friday

Time : 2:00 pm pst.

Where : NMA chat/ Halfpipe snowforts

Why : to get ready for our up coming war.

Now as for the ranks the have been updated so look for your rank. There will also be a uniform update and i will up date the pages.

I will also put in a new medal system on Sunday, so sunday is your first chance to earn medals.

Comment here if you can or can’t come to the war and meeting.


February 2

5 01 2009

This is Mario800123 speaking,and I won’t be able to use the computer until February 2 because I am grounded. So Paul you gotta be really lucky to go to Cp and even if I could go on the computer I forgot your pass,so too bad/

And if I’m in a good mood on February 2 I might do something good,but bye for now!

~Mario800123.inactive until February 2,but you might see me if I sneak in the internet…