What’s going on?

24 01 2009

Mario800123:I’m adding this part because there are a lot of people confused about this armie’s Join page. MEMBERS CAN JOIN,they just have to like Non-Members! I know members help keep CP intact,but they’re showing off too much,and if you’re a member and you want to join you must not be mean to non members. So basaicly everyone can join NMA,just have to like Non-Members.  I hope this clears all the confusion up,so that people Member and Non-Members join this army. By the way,I will be adding this to every post because people won’t go back,ussualy. Thanks for reading!

Alright,it’s been  a long time since anyone in this army has been seen. To get people active I will have Pratice War,but with only us (since I don’t know if any army has time to do anything) so there will be Group A and Group B (I will be at Group A) at:

Server:Half Pipe

Room:Snow Forts

Time: Sunday(This Sunday,so it will be tommorow),12:00 P.M PST (Penguin Standard Time,check the clock and Snow forts)

Comment which group you want to be in,and say if you can come or not,I will try to make the time acceptable for everyone.

~Mario800123,NMA Leader

Group A:Mario800123

Group B:No one yet.




2 responses

24 01 2009

I can’t come

31 01 2009
Lucario564 *Lcp Leader*WW Warlord*

Ok guys im back and ready to assist NMA in any way needed starting with recruits


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