Some News

10 02 2009

Lots of news today!!!

MAJOR EDIT!!! Mario quit the NMA today 😦 well thanks for everything mario you were truly a great friend, lets keep in touch maybe, by email.

This means im now the NMA main leader. We will have elections soon so keep checking the site for more updates.


First we got a new chat which i expect evryone to go on at least once a day. here’s the link –

Next, I want to hold a meeting/raceruiting session so here’s the info,

When, Thursday the 12th

Where, NMA chat (as seen above)


Time, 2 pm pst.

Comment here if you can or can’t come.

In other news I entered NMA in a tourny so keep checking this site everyday for info.





7 responses

11 02 2009

I can come.

11 02 2009

i cans come XP

11 02 2009

no otherwise I’d had to break into the computer lab and hope the teaher isn’t there :/

11 02 2009

I can make it. I have a half day on every Thursday!

11 02 2009

I’ll keep in touch,maybe visit some of the wars and cheer NMA on! Don’t think I forgot about NMA.

13 02 2009

Sorry, After thinking about it i couldn’t make it

13 02 2009

i made it. but there was a message from you saying “Nobody came to the meeting today”

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