Recruitment Drive

17 02 2009

First off has anyone Seen the amount of inactiveness?


To do this were going back to the old NMA. I tried the nice army approach and it didn’t work =/ so now these are direct orders! Fire at all member only groups on sight! Non army people only. start saying stuff like join non member army and seach non member army and im sure you won’t be alone against the members.

Now we need more recruits and here’s how it’s going to work.  Were having a recruitment drive! You heard right. Here are a few ways to recruit –

1. Go on chats ad talke to someone saying “join non member army and fight for whats right”, or something.

2. Go on cp for at least 5 minutes a day and say “Search Non Member Army”

3. Advertise On websites, Army or non army related.

4. Ask army leaders to put us on our blogroll

Now for rewards.

There will be rewards to those people who do awsome recruiting! For the Top 3 people will recive prizes like, Memberships, penguin, ect.

The winner will be the person with the most most medals at the end of the recruitment drive! Here’s how you get medals –

1. You go To the medals page

2. You leave a comment and leave the following –

Your Name (on ranks) –

Person you recruited –

3. Get your medal!

The recruitment drive will start right now! So start recruiting!!!

Now For Some other news! –

Today WCP decided to invade Ice Box, and we succefully defended Ice Box. (WCP are just being total noobs not wanting to accept defeat ._.)

We were out numbered at first (the first 30 min) but then we compleatly Dominated them in the other 45 min of the battle. O and they said “They won” And they left 30 into the battle. Well leaving in the middle of the battle is something called retreating and surrendering. And they didn’t even leave. after the 30 min they were still there fighting so we one fairly.

In other other news!

Me, Klim, and Green decided to start up a medium army alliance. Were still working on the site and it will be displayed to the public soon. Current armies in the alliance BB, NMA, AW, TRA, FGR. More info on that soon.

One last thing!

We will now be having Practice battles every day! here’s the info

When – Everyday

Where – Halfpipe, snowforts (if this is full well move to Mammoth)

Time – Everyday at 3:30 pm pst. / 6:30 pm est.

Also be on chat during that time. (It will only last 15 min so try to come)

In Other Other Other news,

There is a current dispute between MCP, NMA, and UMA for Halfpipe which will get solved soon so until further notice Halfpipe is still ours.

~Fight for whats Right!!!





One response

25 02 2009

hi, i am a member but i love non members in my entire time of being a member ( 1month) out of two years being on club penguin i have only thrown a snowball at 1 non member and that was my cousin but we were having a war. so as you can probobly see i am a VERY TRUST WORTHY MEMBER. so plz add me to your non member army……. PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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