25 02 2009

This was taken from the wcp site ( )

___First Round(Advance to further Rounds by winning!___


vs NMA_____


vs Amigos__


vs GW____


vs TAFA___


vs CPIA___


vs CPWW___

CPIA(Club Penguin Irish Army)___

vs Tacos___

Black Panthers___

vs FRO

Were facing WCP in the first round, and the jjudge is ganger90 so it may be a little biased, i mean just a little.

Guys i know we might not beat WCP in this but I’ve seen them in action and we have a decent chance. For this battle we will be blue since wcp is red. It would make me the happiest leader if we can beat the “6th biggest army in cp” in thier own tourny. So lets o out there and kick some member @$$!

I also want to hold a meeting this friday so here’s the details –

When – Friday (this friday)

Where –

Time – 3:00 pm pst.

And the dialy recruiting sessions are off but the recruitment drive is still going, so RECRUIT!!!!!





5 responses

25 02 2009

how do we chat with people on, do we go to a certain group???
Roehf Edit: Well go to
Type at the bottom in the small chat thing and it will show up :D! You don’t have to join a group either :roll:!

25 02 2009

this tournament should be fun. 99% chance i’ll make it to the meeting. and the key to winning battles is good tactics speaking of wich can someone email me the password to the tactics page or something

25 02 2009

I can make it…. I hope

25 02 2009
Cpaf ( now UPA ) colonel/ . Agentxd360/log (ravens30)---LOG ps: beyonce iz hawt

A BEAUTIFUL army if I do say myself. Appreciate it if you side with the UPA, ( ) 207 active troops in it currently…

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25 02 2009

I will try to make it to the meeting 🙂

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