Merging with UPA

30 03 2009

Well today it became official NMA is merging with the UPA. Don’t ask questions or complain guys plz. UPA is a great army with active troops and good ppl you will all be givin a rank in upa acording to your rank here. check the upa site from now on for wars updates ect.

We will still be fighting for whats right and for non members!

~Lucario564 UPA Leader


Un Merging

28 03 2009

Well after being gone for a week I’ve witnessed what would happen if i wasn’t here. Now, I have talked to spacey, wii, and roehf Macjad and we all thought the merge with FGR was a bad idea. So i am unmerging NMA and FGR with power of  these signatures –

X___Lucario564___(NMA Leader)

X___Roehf____(NMA Leader)

X___Macjad___(NMA Co)

X__Mr.Blubob__(NMA Co)

X___Spaceybirdy___ (ally army Leader)

Now we are still merged with Red Grovers, they have been a lot of help and i would never even consider un merging with such a good army. I would like to thank Andrew and G Slush for going to battles leading and stuff….

~Lucario564 NMA Leader

Wont be on for a long time

28 03 2009

ok the title says it all. My comp. broke down becuase it is like 8 years old. So i wont be on until i get my own comp. or if im using someone elses comp. AND I DID NOT TAKE ROEFH OFF THE LIST IT WASNT ME.

Meeting/Wtf is going on

28 03 2009

im kinda pissed right now that this army fell while i was gone so if ppl don’t put it together there will be one less leader. Now i want a meeting so someone can explain wtf is going on so here are the details –

When – Sunday (tommorow)

Where –

Time – 10 A.M. pst,  1 P.M. est.

And btw for those noobs like KCP who don’t think we don’t have allies I suggest you can it cause i don’t have time to deal with you

New ranks and a couple new tatics

26 03 2009

Mad Roehf Edit in ORANGE: Dude why the heck did you take me off the ranks? You make it seem like I am booted off this army because loads of people merged. Well I have news for you: The army I was in that I was a leader of MERGED TOO!

Weekly news…..

22 03 2009

Well, Lucario is gone for a week. Here is his post on the WW site, If some of you were to lazy to go over there and read it xD!
Everyone needs there vacation sometime around. But im taking one to D.C. and NYC !!!! WOOOOOOOOO! So i won’t be on till Friday the 28th possibly not till saturday the 29th. I’ll say hi to obama for you. And if there’s some crisis while im gone i might go on =/ and i will comment on posts. (Thats not all of the post also from http:/ thats where the post was from)
————————————————————————————————————————————————Anywho back with news. We PWNED BS, Kinda like KCP, nobody showed up xD!
Bat retired on march 21st, and here is his retirement post (from

Ok i’ve decided its my time to go,im getting to old for cp,im 14,kinda old eh? btuyeh then again theres a few people that are 15 and even 16 O_O.Also i just dont have time for this anymore,well hers people i wanna thank sice ive been a n00b from the beggining(some people are form ACp because i started there O_O)

Abercrombe29- What can i say Aber? You helped me get very far,you always seemed to have some sort of sulution for any problem,you were one of my best friends.

Lots of pie- I barely began to notice your leadership skills not that long ago,you were a great guy,and really loayal,active,and thats why im leaving my leadership spot to you.

Itachi6dark- I never did and never will understand you XD. But you were my friend,i thank you for that

fort57-ahh fortyfortfort i rmember when i was anooblet back in acp and you alays ignored me XD,anyway you turned out to be a good friend

rapidy-you were one of my best friends when i was in acp,but then you turned into a dumbass…..err you just got more dumbasser O_O

sheila gally-we were friends,then enemys,then friends,then enemys,then i pwned you at brawl :mrmgreen: and there was that one pic i got of you saying “i have a tiny dick” O_O

explo-you were funny explo,you were a good friend and helpful with UMA

Seanehawk-you were a great friend to me

saint-you always helped me on chat

person1233-my friend and i married you O_O

commadno717(yeah i spelled it that way)-wow your a hell of a leader,and you were a good friend

mazachaster- i hate you

shaboomboom-i also hate you

Theres ALOT more people i just dont have the time to write them all =/


Moving on….. I think we should have an ACTUAL practice battle, so times are to come later, Hopefully this time everyone will show up 😡 xD.

There is a Major army leaders only meeting today, But I guess we aren’t major yet xD! Here is some site stats:

We have had 143 posts, including this post.

2147 approved comments.

The page with the most hits is….. Chat!

The top search is: club penguin non members army

I guess thats it for that xD! Highlight over the page to see the stats.

I entered us in a tournament: Bat decided to hold a few tournaments, since he retired. Times to be updated,


Pwnage to BS

21 03 2009

We beat the back stars in a pb today which was sorta short notice for everyone there. ROEHF no more big font!!!!

here’s a pic of us 5 min into the battle with no BS in sight –


And i will be gone for a week look at the ww site for that post


Roehf edit: Just to clear somethings up….

1.) I won’t use big font even though it is fun :D!
2.) I got banned on cp, Either because I was advertsing NMA or I got hacked.
3.) The tab on our chat is WWarmygroup, WW’s main chat so the people who are in WW and in NMA can go on both.
4.) Wambo871 quit, he was a good soldier while he lasted….. 1 day xD