We lost get over it!

1 03 2009

Ok guys nice job out there, even though we lost. We were winning in the first 5 min but then got out numbered. they used joke bombs we didn’t they had ppl we didn’t, they listened to orders we didn’t. So that’s basically what happend.

Look it’s just a tourny get over it!!! it’s no reason to go to war with wcp just take the loss. if you really wanted to win you would’ve showed up to the battle but very few did. As for promo day i will post it in a while.

Thank WCP for at least allowing us in the tourny ok?





3 responses

1 03 2009

was anyone even on the chat. maybe i was on the wrong one

2 03 2009

i was in the war and im over that we lost

2 03 2009

i was in the war

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