2 03 2009

I just noticed something. We had 3 armies merge. That means we got more people in 1 armly, right? Wrong! I can’t believe how many people and hits we lost since we merged!

First of all, I want to start a contest. Whoever comes to the most practice battles, wars, etc in a month gets to be the Soldier of the Week. If you were in MRS or are in KCP you know how we normally do this. This time, you have your name posted on the top and get 3 medals (if I get Lucario’s approval).

Second of all, comment here if you are active.

PS: Lucario, if you approve of the contest fill in your name in the empty space here:

Edit: There is a meeting for all medium and large armys. DO you think we should go?

Edit: Yeah. But as long as I get to be in it. High ranks only right?

Roehf Edit of Edits: I think we should assign colors, or at least put your name in front of EDIT! I can’t tell who edited it! It sounds fine to me when is the meeting? And also Here is to assign colors: ( I can’t tell so you assign yourselves the people who are on the sight)

Roehf: This….. weird red color XD!

Macjad: What does this colour look like? Roehf: Somewhat Blue




11 responses

2 03 2009
cpt sulkes

yeah i have a question what is the chat becuz i go to the one that doesnt have a line threw it and ive joined like a week ago and im still a guest and people havent been on in my opinion and im sry i didnt go to the tourny cuz i had to go to my big brothers girl friend baby shower

2 03 2009

I am active, but have not commented yet.

2 03 2009

thats a good idea

2 03 2009


2 03 2009

The non member army is invited to an army meeting many medium and large armies will be there. If you want to come I will give you date time and chat box info if you accept to come.

3 03 2009
Paul 2 857 2

Still active, just been out for holidays XD

4 03 2009

well im not a leader but i think we shouldnt go to the meeting i would say were kind of a medium medium 😆

5 03 2009

im active…ill be at the next battle…when is it???

6 03 2009
fun and game

I’m still active it’s just that I forgot the site for 2 weeks

6 03 2009

Whens the next post?

6 03 2009

im active

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