Promo Day!!!

7 03 2009

Promo Day is finally here !!! Wooooo here are the new ranks. Promo’s in Blue and Demotions in RED

Leaders: Mario800123 Retired, Lucario564, Roehf, MaCjaD


——————————–Owner Line———————————–

Head Warlords: Paul 2 857 2, Smoogerz

Head Generals: Tone739, Money123 432, Higoby, Alpha1 Retired

Warlord: Troopx113, Camstar57, Bleu Missy (double promo for activeness), Ricky Glam

3 Star General : Mr.Blubob, Mix1011

2 Star General :  Raven511426, Blackhawk34

1 Star General :  thano9 , Nacho205 (double promo for activeness)

————————————Mod Line———————————–

General: Pippy212, Hamie111, ninja2115 (double promo for activeness)

Brigator: LotsofPie, Raquaza120, huhjbj, Carter374, djtcool1, Greenbeans, A dawg4, Cpt Sulkes, Fun and Game (double promo for activness)

Field Marshal:  Happy78433, Taz12099, Super Blip2, Blakwidow44, Pichi97577, Rex5556

Colonels: Mo Sho4, Elitesof, pur pur, Lynx43, Dx Man,Greenday9991 , Blueswill, Naruto394, Gwuggle, Mike93, Evansmeven

Majors: Intograte, ninja09, Cole59287, Unicow rules, Lsund, chakawha, thecards, 360dude360, Gideon(JLM435), 2143max, Jim456, Nothinbut, Stev71, Vicxysz, Jedimaster, Mo Mo1357, Kyba Cat, Treytrey67, Hello102k, Kittencat13, Freeze54 (double promo for activeness)

Captinas: Superbunnyboy, Jamil20001, Joker14, Remixing, LIL WINDOW 8, SeventeenBxB17, Yaynowyay, runescape364 , Mgmbl311

Privet: DF05, Shrvathsa, WoHoo10, sterd, klug1234cp, Hoon316, Vio789, eddie1975, Penguin Link, Wgfv, Luke 14 jedi, Jim456, Wildnavy99, bikine123, Cheeseyness, Chrisdude100, exremeskid, Billybob8755

Recruit :  Bellahdewmah, Arceus98564, Rush creek, redtbh, df27, wtev, Seahawk,Chanchy189, Kingcc, Mr.Waddles, Fergie565,  Cool Foel, doofling, TwoHo2, Patricsk, waddles2456, seanehawk, urbina2897, Coolguy4442, Darknight67, Mjygvc, ironkid2894, Sterd, Rockonchiro, Surf524, Nettizi, Wonker4, Hi Hi ByeBye, Zippolini, Amzter12


Ways to get a promo –

Go to battles

Go to practice battles

Be on chat more often

Get recruits

If you think you should’ve gotten a promo but didn’t get one fill out this form –

1. NMA Rank

2. Why do you deserve a promo?

And don’t forget the meeting below!!!

~Lucario564 “Fight for what’s right”




8 responses

7 03 2009
nacho 205

WHOO 1 star general 😀

P.S Im feeling sick so im probably going to be laying on the couch for a few days

7 03 2009

woohoo! thanks for the double promo! im a general now!!

8 03 2009
cpt sulkes

why is my name in light blue

8 03 2009
Mgmbl311/Mgm WW-Major/UMA-PrivateBP-Ocelot

Thanks for the promo. sulkes, that means you got promoted, the darker blue is double promo.

8 03 2009


10 03 2009

Ok i admit it i have not been active but i will be now ok i used to be leader if you dont remember lucario now were am i 3 star genral please dont demote me from that just give me 1 more chance

~mix 1011 former nonmember army leader~

10 03 2009

Hey NMA wanna have a practice battle with CPRA? If oyu accept we should have at least 10 members there.

11 03 2009

Damn it I didnt get a promo! And I was hopin to be leader too 😦 HOW COULD U LUCARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO DAMN SAD NOW!

Ok now that my tantrum has ended xDDD…. Im bored 😀 And I want to talk to you Lucario O_O So be aware..

P.S I was just kidding about the promo thing xD

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