Weekly Schedule/Pwnage to KCP (Second post)

15 03 2009

Roehf Major Edit: I have issued a practice battle with the Black Stars of clubpenguin. Black Stars please comment back if you want to have this practice battle or not:
Half Pipe
Snow Forts
Saturday March 21st
11:00 pst
Also read the rest of the post:

We pwned KCP, as you can see in the post below, here is our battle summary:


From 4:00-4:30 we did some very nice recuiting! We had our moments, but everybody makes mistakes! I didn’t see from 4:20- to 4:30 because I had to have a shower. I think we did good though.


This is when things started falling apart, We lost quite a bit of troops and I think this could be resolved. We also had to move from the Snow Forts BACK to the town because we lost so many troops


We did some fine recuiting in the town here again. Good Job to all of you. We moved back to the Snow Fort at 4:55 which we did a very nice transition.


We did good here too, Bleu Missy came at about 5:00 and she left after about 2 minutes. She had to wear a mask to cover her face from embarresment xD Good Job team!


The battle ended at 5:10 because no KCP were there. We got the servers!

Troop of the battle: Wambo872, Good Job! I liked your effort out there!

Good Job to everyone who showed up. You will each receive a medal(s) for your efforts.

Now, Here is our weekly schedule:

Monday: Recuiting Session/Meeting to discuss battle

Tuesday: Training session

Wednesday: Recuiting session

Thursday: Training Session

Friday: Recuiting Session

Saturday: Practice battle (Undecided)

Here are the times for all of them:
4:30 PSt

Half Pipe/ Chat Btw our new chat is http://xat.com/NMA_LCP_MRS

Snow Forts

The person who gets the most recuits this week will get a surprise (undecided)!

Please comment if you can come to the recuiting sessions/training sessions or not. Comment like this:
Monday: Yes/No/Maybe
Tuesday: Yes/No/Maybe
Wednesday: Yes/No/Maybe
Thursday: Yes/No/Maybe
Friday: Yes/No/Maybe

The practice battle will be a different time than the weekly stuff. Also remember the practice battle is still undecided.

Also, Check out the Funny Pics page! Its a added feature to this site.





9 responses

15 03 2009


15 03 2009

uhhh the last letter in my name is 1
Roehf Edit: xD Sorry about that I will get to it. I am just working on a few site changes, or updates as I should put it.

15 03 2009

I cant be there tues. or thurs. cuz i got soccer

15 03 2009

GUYS Im in kcp as a leader and guess what we were there at 11:00 eastern time because thats when you told us the war was your a bunch of cheaters and were taking your servers ya better watch out!

Kcp leader Vuff20
Roehf Edit: I didn’t even decide the times, ask Lucario!

15 03 2009

ok that works

15 03 2009

im confused wat when and where is the next meeting or battle…there are 2 many……
Roehf Edit: Read the whole post, There is something going on everyday of this week.

15 03 2009

I should be able to make it to all of them

15 03 2009

that all looked confusing *_*
Roehf Edit: Its not confusing, its just when each thing is!

15 03 2009
Mr. Blubob

Ill be there. and also, black stars of cp… BS of CP…. sorry, but it a funny name

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