Practice battle

16 03 2009

We Got a practice battle vs. BS or whatever on saturday which i probably won’t make it but we do have a practice battle on friday vs. LCP and BA here’s the info

Where – Halfpipe Snowforts

Who – NMA vs. BA and LCP

When – Friday the 20th

Time – 2:00pm pst.

Be on chat during the battle!!! and i also expect to see ppl there daily for recruiting and stuff. We will be red for this battle.

Comment if you can or can’t come





7 responses

16 03 2009

i might not be able to come well see

16 03 2009

forget that coment i can come i did not know we had early release

17 03 2009

i might be there if i am ill be late soo probably not i got a skool thing

18 03 2009
A Dawg4-ACP Lieutenant

i bet i can make it

18 03 2009

I might, maybe not, I dont know…

19 03 2009

CP Black Stars will be there.

19 03 2009

I think I’ll be able to make it.

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