Pwnage to BS

21 03 2009

We beat the back stars in a pb today which was sorta short notice for everyone there. ROEHF no more big font!!!!

here’s a pic of us 5 min into the battle with no BS in sight –


And i will be gone for a week look at the ww site for that post


Roehf edit: Just to clear somethings up….

1.) I won’t use big font even though it is fun :D!
2.) I got banned on cp, Either because I was advertsing NMA or I got hacked.
3.) The tab on our chat is WWarmygroup, WW’s main chat so the people who are in WW and in NMA can go on both.
4.) Wambo871 quit, he was a good soldier while he lasted….. 1 day xD




4 responses

21 03 2009

whats xD supposed to mean

22 03 2009

sorry I wasnt there. I was at a place and at that particulair time I think I was trying to steal a stick from a dog >_< I lost…..

22 03 2009
cpt sulkes

guys i quit i quit everything all cp armies and cp including armies like ww and rpf and nma and fl and bp and nssa and nachos and NAR AND ZF AND SOFCP

24 03 2009
nacho 205

O.O wow skulkes you were in alot of armies

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