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22 03 2009

Well, Lucario is gone for a week. Here is his post on the WW site, If some of you were to lazy to go over there and read it xD!
Everyone needs there vacation sometime around. But im taking one to D.C. and NYC !!!! WOOOOOOOOO! So i won’t be on till Friday the 28th possibly not till saturday the 29th. I’ll say hi to obama for you. And if there’s some crisis while im gone i might go on =/ and i will comment on posts. (Thats not all of the post also from http:/wwarmy.com thats where the post was from)
————————————————————————————————————————————————Anywho back with news. We PWNED BS, Kinda like KCP, nobody showed up xD!
Bat retired on march 21st, and here is his retirement post (from http://undergroundmafiasarmyuma.wordpress.com/):

Ok i’ve decided its my time to go,im getting to old for cp,im 14,kinda old eh? btuyeh then again theres a few people that are 15 and even 16 O_O.Also i just dont have time for this anymore,well hers people i wanna thank sice ive been a n00b from the beggining(some people are form ACp because i started there O_O)

Abercrombe29- What can i say Aber? You helped me get very far,you always seemed to have some sort of sulution for any problem,you were one of my best friends.

Lots of pie- I barely began to notice your leadership skills not that long ago,you were a great guy,and really loayal,active,and thats why im leaving my leadership spot to you.

Itachi6dark- I never did and never will understand you XD. But you were my friend,i thank you for that

fort57-ahh fortyfortfort i rmember when i was anooblet back in acp and you alays ignored me XD,anyway you turned out to be a good friend

rapidy-you were one of my best friends when i was in acp,but then you turned into a dumbass…..err you just got more dumbasser O_O

sheila gally-we were friends,then enemys,then friends,then enemys,then i pwned you at brawl :mrmgreen: and there was that one pic i got of you saying “i have a tiny dick” O_O

explo-you were funny explo,you were a good friend and helpful with UMA

Seanehawk-you were a great friend to me

saint-you always helped me on chat

person1233-my friend and i married you O_O

commadno717(yeah i spelled it that way)-wow your a hell of a leader,and you were a good friend

mazachaster- i hate you

shaboomboom-i also hate you

Theres ALOT more people i just dont have the time to write them all =/


Moving on….. I think we should have an ACTUAL practice battle, so times are to come later, Hopefully this time everyone will show up 😡 xD.

There is a Major army leaders only meeting today, But I guess we aren’t major yet xD! Here is some site stats:

We have had 143 posts, including this post.

2147 approved comments.

The page with the most hits is….. Chat!

The top search is: club penguin non members army

I guess thats it for that xD! Highlight over the page to see the stats.

I entered us in a tournament: http://cparmytourny.wordpress.com/ Bat decided to hold a few tournaments, since he retired. Times to be updated,





13 responses

22 03 2009
acp warrior

that was my idea

24 03 2009

hey when is the next battle or meeting

24 03 2009

Lucario the nachos said they want war!!!i caught them recruiting on Fjord they said on their chat they HATE non members ps how do you like my spy wok
pss give me ur e-mail and ill send you a pic

24 03 2009
Person Man

Lol Freeze. If Lucario saw the spamming you were doing on our chat, he’d know what we went through 🙄 We don’t hate non-members you dumbass.

24 03 2009

Guys we are hosting a army tournament if you would like to enter you army in the tournament go to this site http://clubpenguin5693.wordpress.com/

24 03 2009
nacho 205

XD tell Obamma I said hi

P.S freeze if the nachos were realy declaring war it would be in a post. you probably were talking to a bunch of nacho n00bs because the nachos are not lead by the kind of n00bs that say they hate non members. who ever it was probably joined a day ago and had no right deciding who the nachos go to war with. so next time find out if those people were leaders or just a bunch of random n00bs

P.S.S One of the old nacho leaders was a non member so the nachos obviosly have no problem with non members

P.S.S.S can you send me that pic? I want to see what n00bs said that heres my email adress nortyr@yahoo.com

25 03 2009

Look, we cant do anything about it. We dont want to cause a war with them, and we dont even won Fjord anyway so WTF were you on that server for?

25 03 2009

Spelling mistakes in the above comment, you know where I come from though.

25 03 2009
Roehf pwns (obviously)

Freeze, Fjord is there server xD!!!!!!! I know because I am running for governor of it.

26 03 2009
nacho 205

listen to me guys were not going to cause a war with the nachos. there are hundreds of n00bs joining every week when they join they think that they are important and that they have a say in everything and freeze seriosly find out who the crap said that stuff before you comment saying “the nachos want war they said they hate non members” that just seems like the kind of thing a n00b would do

27 03 2009
uti9 8

hey wats goin on why everyone is abusing?

5 04 2009

yeah freeze if nachos hate non members then why am i in nachos

10 04 2009

yeah freeze I dont know if your a noob all the time but that was probably one of the most noobish things ive ever heard The nachos have a ton of nonmembers. I think shadow is a non member and alot of people say he was one of the best leaders ever

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