Un Merging

28 03 2009

Well after being gone for a week I’ve witnessed what would happen if i wasn’t here. Now, I have talked to spacey, wii, and roehf Macjad and we all thought the merge with FGR was a bad idea. So i am unmerging NMA and FGR with power of  these signatures –

X___Lucario564___(NMA Leader)

X___Roehf____(NMA Leader)

X___Macjad___(NMA Co)

X__Mr.Blubob__(NMA Co)

X___Spaceybirdy___ (ally army Leader)

Now we are still merged with Red Grovers, they have been a lot of help and i would never even consider un merging with such a good army. I would like to thank Andrew and G Slush for going to battles leading and stuff….

~Lucario564 NMA Leader




7 responses

29 03 2009

o you want Foxlight to be allie or what

29 03 2009
uti9 8

i want to go to a war.please lucario sir i want to be i a war.please set the other war according to india.indian standard time.

29 03 2009

hmmm… i was always saying no for any army to merge and yeah this is good. even if im not from this army…


can you join my army?

29 03 2009

Indian what the heck?

29 03 2009
cpt sulkes

lets have a pb or a battle with someone im getting bored of this

29 03 2009

even though were unmerged can i still keep my rank here?

1 04 2009
G Slush

thanks lucario and sorry I haven’t been on I was sick

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