Promo Day/War Results

27 04 2009

Well first of all we have 20 active ppl, heh not bad for an army that was dead 2 weeks ago. Now for the new ranks –

Leaders:Lucario564, Roehf, Bleu Missy, Greenday9991

Co-Leaders: Mr. Blubob, G Slush, Andrew24

——————————–Owner Line———————————–

Head Warlords: Paul 2 857 2

Head Generals: Tone739, Higoby, Nacho205

Warlord: Troopx113, Camstar57

3 Star General : MaCjaD, Super Blip2, Mgmbl311

2 Star General : Raven511426, Blackhawk34, Mix 1011

1 Star General : Thano9, Ninja2115

————————————Mod Line———————————–

General: Pippy212, Hamie111, Mennox, Acpwarrior

Brigator: LotsofPie, Raquaza120, huhjbj, Carter374, djtcool1, Greenbeans, A dawg4, CPT Sulkes, Fun and Game

Field Marshal:  Happy78433, Taz12099, Blakwidow44, Pichi97577, Rex5556,

Colonels: Mo Sho4, Elitesof, pur pur, Lynx43, Dx Man , Blueswill, Naruto394, Gwuggle, Mike93, Evansmeven

Majors: Intograte, ninja09, Cole59287, Unicow rules, Lsund, chakawha, thecards, 360dude360, Gideon(JLM435), 2143max, Jim456, Nothinbut, Supperz, Stev71, Vicxysz, Jedimaster, Mo Mo1357, Kyba Cat, Treytrey67, Hello102k, x0tqmx0, Kittencat13, Freeze54 Runescape635

Captinas: Superbunnyboy, Jamil20001, Joker14, Remixing, LIL WINDOW 8, SeventeenBxB17, Yaynowyay,

Privet: DF05, Shrvathsa, WoHoo10, sterd, klug1234cp, Hoon316, Vio789, eddie1975, Penguin Link, Wgfv, Luke 14 jedi, Jim456, Wildnavy99, bikine123, Cheeseyness, Chrisdude100, exremeskid, Billybob8755, cyberguy6, Josh9123,  Posednick, thebest22, Slippy837

Recruit :  Bellahdewmah, Arceus98564, Rush creek, redtbh, df27, wtev, Seahawk,Chanchy189, Kingcc, Mr.Waddles, Fergie565,  Cool Foel, doofling, TwoHo2, Patricsk, waddles2456, seanehawk, urbina2897, Coolguy4442, Darknight67, Mjygvc, ironkid2894, Sterd, Rockonchiro, Surf524, Nettizi, Wonker4, Hi Hi ByeBye, Zippolini, Amzter12, Wambo871, Dbruce 12, Eevee3, Coolioguy07, Nationwide2, Pinkngreen7, Obi Wan 4321, Brek78, Ty Bobredsox, freedom0145, JT321Z, uti9 8, Crayblue58, Candyboy8, Krabyguy, Nacho892, Headlicerock, Warrior872, Jimbell, Brifcore, Quichie81, Spongie555, Blubby9988, cill Chill, Anwar, Meme83159, Mozillabob, foleyethann, Mac Ncheese2, Snorunt86, Trooper7890, Charliem21, Ashmistybro, Kkabc123, Cyal8ta, Yennep, 27 Brain, Daises59, Aj7864, eggs5232, Max Zam, Green Angle2, Baseballx2

And for the battle results i didn’t go sorry, the only ppl ik who went are Mgm and Blip, if you went just comment on this post. Well the Cpun won i guess, it wasn’t even a battle it was more of a practice battle but hey we still won lol.

Cp issues – Now CP is making too much member stuff and basically there neglecting Non Members. So if you have any ideas on how we can help out the Non Members leave a comment on this post and i’ll get back to you.

and uh that’s it for now.

-Lucario564 NMA Leader


New Leaders

25 04 2009

Well what do you know we have a tie for leader between Bleu and Green (two colors lol). So they’re both the new NMA Leaders! And in third we got G Slush for Co-Leader. Don’t forget to look at the post below for the war info. And comment below on the active post.

~Lucario564 NMA Leader

Invasion/Army Ranking/Leader Elections

22 04 2009

Edit – Trickster has retired from all armies so Roehf will be taking his place as leader but the poll is still on.

War Edit – (taken from CPUN site)

Hi everyone, Dee here. Yes, Godplaya is right, you are allowed to submit your suggestions and plans to the War page but only as a comment. Atm, don’t worry, I didn’t have time to mention all the armies. Also, if I did, I would’ve mentioned all the CPUN members. ;)

Now here’s the schedule:

When: Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where: CPUN Summit Room Chatbox

Why: To plan about the invasion and to invade right after planning!

Time: 8AM Penguin Standard Time

Ok, basically, we’re going to meet up on chat and plan a little bit. Once many people are on chat, all our armies will meet on CP. Here is the list of servers we will invade:





Cold Front


Deep Snow

Down Under


South Pole

Sub Zero


We will start with Husky because it is a CPUN shared server. This was our only relation with the Ice Warriors. If we are never able to take this back, think what the Golds will say to us if we ask for a land grant? We will all meet at this server. Deep Snow is my hometown… :(


This Post is also an active count so comment if your active

Now for Leader election results, The last poll got hacked so now im picking the winner of the first leader poll. The following ppl won –




Bleu Missy

G Slush

Now in a comment vote for whoever you want as the next NMA Leader. I will also choose a Co-Leader based on this comment poll so vote!!!!

Anyone can vote even if your not in NMA.And now for the top 10 Armies.





5. Golds

6. ST

7. Non Member Army


9. BB

10. IW

Don’t forget to comment!!!!!!

~Lucario564 NMA Leader

Leader Elections/New Leader

18 04 2009

First of all i would like to say congrats to Trickster, he is now NMA Leader! He will be Leading along side me and someone else.

Now for Leader elections. I should remind you that to be in the Leader poll i had to nominate you. And before the actual poll here are the rules

– Don’t be a crybaby, if you lose you lose.

– No trash talk about another Person

– You may advertise where ever you want idc

Tips to help you win the election – Advertise damnit.

Now for the polls. There will be 2 polls the top 2 ppl of each poll will move on to the final poll, these first 2 polls will end on Friday night of next week.

Now vote for the right person –

i will repeate this again you may advertise this poll anywhere you want except on WW chat cause i’ll ban you, pcing ppl is fine.


Back In Buissness

14 04 2009

Well what is this like the fourth or 5th time i make a “NMA is coming back post” lol well i assure you this will be the last in a long time because, are you ready?

I Un-Merged NMA from UPA!!!!!!! : o

merging could’ve been the most foolish thing I’ve done but the most important thing is that were back.

Now we have a bit of a Leadership problem here. As of right now im the only leader. I will have Leader elections soon so don’t worry lol.

And our final problem is our server problem. After the merge with UPA i gave all our servers to KCP now I want to speak to Money, or Bleu about this issue (because there the only people who will reason and not try to cuss me out -.- )

That’s the news for now, look forward to more posts and check this site everyday!!!!

-Are You Ready?  “that’s my new slogan”


NMA is coming back!/Practice Battle

12 04 2009

alright guys NMA is coming back, but were coming back as a UPA branch so we will be under the UPAN and use UPA uniform. Now we already have a practice battle scedualed for monday so here’s the info –

When – Monday (yea this monday)

Time – 5:00pm pst AKA 8:00pm est.

Sevrer – Walrus, snowforts

Be on that’s the new NMA chat

Comment if you can or can’t come!


NMA might be coming back

7 04 2009

Well I’ve been thinking a lot and i might bring back NMA but idk yet I have to see how things are going in upa. I bring this up because there was a little rebellion in UPA and coff got fired so if NMA comes back i’ll let you guys know by friday or before friday. But keep checking this site for updates.