Back In Buissness

14 04 2009

Well what is this like the fourth or 5th time i make a “NMA is coming back post” lol well i assure you this will be the last in a long time because, are you ready?

I Un-Merged NMA from UPA!!!!!!! : o

merging could’ve been the most foolish thing I’ve done but the most important thing is that were back.

Now we have a bit of a Leadership problem here. As of right now im the only leader. I will have Leader elections soon so don’t worry lol.

And our final problem is our server problem. After the merge with UPA i gave all our servers to KCP now I want to speak to Money, or Bleu about this issue (because there the only people who will reason and not try to cuss me out -.- )

That’s the news for now, look forward to more posts and check this site everyday!!!!

-Are You Ready?  “that’s my new slogan”





12 responses

14 04 2009

yay for you…

14 04 2009
cpt sulkes

OH COOL also i would like to run

14 04 2009
nacho 205

im a 1 star general am i allowed to run?

14 04 2009

id love to help you out dude! why cant we fight for the servers back!?!


14 04 2009

*Sigh* I would like to run for leader elections?!?!?

15 04 2009

I would also like to run for elections this time if i am elected i will stay active please

15 04 2009

poor roehf i feel for you man you should be back automaticly he is the only one that is ever at any battles!!

15 04 2009

Good for you,but people should be more active in chat.
~Retired NMA Leader Mario800123

16 04 2009

mario why did you retire? ~ Major Freeze54

17 04 2009

I dont try to curse you out.

Vuff20 one of the leaders of kcp.

Well at least not usually meet on the kcp chat so you can talk to one of us

17 04 2009

we can just split the servers 50/50

24 04 2009

hey i dont try to cuss you out.

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