Promo Day/War Results

27 04 2009

Well first of all we have 20 active ppl, heh not bad for an army that was dead 2 weeks ago. Now for the new ranks –

Leaders:Lucario564, Roehf, Bleu Missy, Greenday9991

Co-Leaders: Mr. Blubob, G Slush, Andrew24

——————————–Owner Line———————————–

Head Warlords: Paul 2 857 2

Head Generals: Tone739, Higoby, Nacho205

Warlord: Troopx113, Camstar57

3 Star General : MaCjaD, Super Blip2, Mgmbl311

2 Star General : Raven511426, Blackhawk34, Mix 1011

1 Star General : Thano9, Ninja2115

————————————Mod Line———————————–

General: Pippy212, Hamie111, Mennox, Acpwarrior

Brigator: LotsofPie, Raquaza120, huhjbj, Carter374, djtcool1, Greenbeans, A dawg4, CPT Sulkes, Fun and Game

Field Marshal:  Happy78433, Taz12099, Blakwidow44, Pichi97577, Rex5556,

Colonels: Mo Sho4, Elitesof, pur pur, Lynx43, Dx Man , Blueswill, Naruto394, Gwuggle, Mike93, Evansmeven

Majors: Intograte, ninja09, Cole59287, Unicow rules, Lsund, chakawha, thecards, 360dude360, Gideon(JLM435), 2143max, Jim456, Nothinbut, Supperz, Stev71, Vicxysz, Jedimaster, Mo Mo1357, Kyba Cat, Treytrey67, Hello102k, x0tqmx0, Kittencat13, Freeze54 Runescape635

Captinas: Superbunnyboy, Jamil20001, Joker14, Remixing, LIL WINDOW 8, SeventeenBxB17, Yaynowyay,

Privet: DF05, Shrvathsa, WoHoo10, sterd, klug1234cp, Hoon316, Vio789, eddie1975, Penguin Link, Wgfv, Luke 14 jedi, Jim456, Wildnavy99, bikine123, Cheeseyness, Chrisdude100, exremeskid, Billybob8755, cyberguy6, Josh9123,  Posednick, thebest22, Slippy837

Recruit :  Bellahdewmah, Arceus98564, Rush creek, redtbh, df27, wtev, Seahawk,Chanchy189, Kingcc, Mr.Waddles, Fergie565,  Cool Foel, doofling, TwoHo2, Patricsk, waddles2456, seanehawk, urbina2897, Coolguy4442, Darknight67, Mjygvc, ironkid2894, Sterd, Rockonchiro, Surf524, Nettizi, Wonker4, Hi Hi ByeBye, Zippolini, Amzter12, Wambo871, Dbruce 12, Eevee3, Coolioguy07, Nationwide2, Pinkngreen7, Obi Wan 4321, Brek78, Ty Bobredsox, freedom0145, JT321Z, uti9 8, Crayblue58, Candyboy8, Krabyguy, Nacho892, Headlicerock, Warrior872, Jimbell, Brifcore, Quichie81, Spongie555, Blubby9988, cill Chill, Anwar, Meme83159, Mozillabob, foleyethann, Mac Ncheese2, Snorunt86, Trooper7890, Charliem21, Ashmistybro, Kkabc123, Cyal8ta, Yennep, 27 Brain, Daises59, Aj7864, eggs5232, Max Zam, Green Angle2, Baseballx2

And for the battle results i didn’t go sorry, the only ppl ik who went are Mgm and Blip, if you went just comment on this post. Well the Cpun won i guess, it wasn’t even a battle it was more of a practice battle but hey we still won lol.

Cp issues – Now CP is making too much member stuff and basically there neglecting Non Members. So if you have any ideas on how we can help out the Non Members leave a comment on this post and i’ll get back to you.

and uh that’s it for now.

-Lucario564 NMA Leader




8 responses

27 04 2009


27 04 2009

okay then I like cake

28 04 2009
cpt sulkes


29 04 2009

well i think you should protest and get a room in club penguin and get the members of the non member army and maybe when other non members see it they might want to join.its just a idea

30 04 2009


30 04 2009

thx for the rank now im a mod! 🙂 🙂

30 04 2009

well on the mod line

8 05 2009

what does recuit mean

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