NMA Tourny Finals

25 05 2009

Now for the NMA tourny semi final results –

NMA vs. UA : I couldn’t make that battle so I left other ppl in charge and it looks like NMA won.

UPA vs BP : uhhh i don’t know what the heck happend there, i wasn’t there and no one took pictures so i will rescedual it.

Tourny table as of now –


Matchups –

UPA vs. BP

Where – Halfpipe Snowforts/Back up server Ice Palace

When – this Wednesday

Time – 8:00 pm est, 5:00 pm pst


Final –

NMA vs. winner of BP/UPA

Where – Halfpipe Snowforts/back up server Ice Palace

When – This Friday

Time – 9:00 pm est, 6:00 pm pst


NMA comment if you can or can’t come.

~Luc NMA Leader


We Won!!

22 05 2009

WE WON! by default. We started recruiting at 3:30 pst and got a lot of people, pic by Cpt Sulkes:


We went to the snow forts at 4:00 pst. UA or KCP wasn’t there, we waited a while, checked their, chat and it was official. We won! By default.

_Mgm-NMA Co-Leader_

Greenday9991: ah well we had more people there… i forgot to take pix. oh well. it turned into a recruiting session tho XD

NMA battle info

22 05 2009

Attention NMA i won’t be able to go to the battle  so I have a battle plan already thought out and orginized –


Your orders –

Go on CP at 3:30 pm pst and start dancing in the town and saying “Join non member army” and “Turn Blue”

Go To the snowforts at 3:55 pm pst and get next to the tower

Attack UA aka KCP at 4:00 pm pst

Don’t leave until 4:30 pm pst!

If you go you get a high chance of getting a promo next week!

Green, Mgm, Saiyaman, and Cheese are expected to lead this battle

Be on chat to recice orders, and go on chat at 3:25 pm pst. http://xat.com/lucs_box

Good Luck NMA

~Lucario564 NMA Leader

NMA Tourny Round 2

20 05 2009

Good job to everyone in the NMA Tourny on the first week. here’s what happend.

Qualifing Match – DDCP won that I don’t have pics of that one though

Match 1 – NMA won because thier opponent didn’t show up or post on the tourny :s

Match 2 – UA won with a troop count of 2-0

My favorite part of the tourny –

Well apperantly Sunday was the day everyone decided to cheat first off

DDCP vs. UPA – DDCP thought it was ok to recruit on ACP chat during the battle therfore they got DQ’ed

AT vs. BP – Ark the AT Leader thought this would be nice to do and that luc would never find out –

AT dqed

Well anyways here’s the tourny table as of now –


Matchups –

UA vs. NMA

When – Friday 4:00 pm pst.

Where – Halfpipe snowforts/backup server Ice palace

Matchup –

UPA vs. BP

When – Friday 5:00 pm pst

Where – Halfpipe snowforts/Backup server Ice Palace

Good Luck


All NMA comment if you can or can’t come

I Also want more comments on these posts and of course MORE POSTS! I might start removing some authors too. If you comment on posts you are more lickly to be promoted next promo day.

And if i don’t see you on chat you won’t get promoted. http://xat.com/lucs_box

~Luc NMA Leader

NMA Tourny reminder

12 05 2009

Edit number 2 – DDCP won the quilifing match so they now face UPA on sunday.

Edit – I made you author so you can post army stuff on here. and just a reminder that the first match is today, I will not be able to make it so Army leaders plz get some pics of the battle even if you are the only army there I still need pics or you’ll be disqualified.


I received an email saying that I was made an author. Why??? ive been inactive (sorry about that) so i might have missed something but somebody just explain this to me

~What the crap? Nacho 205~

NMA Tourny

10 05 2009

The NMA Tourny is finally here : O

Here is the tourny table –


Here’s the tourny info –

Qualifing Match :

Who – DDCP vs. GPA

Where – Halfpipe Snowforts

When – Friday, 4:30 pm pst.

Tourny Match (Friday)-

Who – NMA vs. FFA

Where – Halfpipe Snowforts

When – Friday, 5:30 pm pst

Tourny Match (Saturday)

Who – UA vs. RCP

Where – Halfpipe Snowforts

When – Saturday, 5:00 pm pst

Tourny Match (Sunday)

Who – UPA vs. Winner of DDCP vs. GPA

Where – Halfpipe Snowforts

When – Sunday, 4:00 pm pst

Tourny Match (Sunday)

Who – AT vs. BP

Where – Halfpipe Snowforts

When – Sunday, 5:00 pm pst

Rules –

No Spying

You can’t fire until the battle starts.

If an Army doesn’t show up at battle time wait 5 minutes, if they still don’t show up you win.

You may recruit before the battle starts.

Each army must take at least 2 pics of the battle.

Have Fun


NMA Comment if you can or can’t come to the battle

~Luc NMA Leader

War Called off

8 05 2009

Alright i think I’ve gotten enough comments on the site to plz stop this war so fine we won’t attack -.-

But there will be a practice war at the same Time as the war was suppose to be (the practice war replaces the war)

Where – Halfpipe Snowforts

Who – NMA vs. ???

Time – 5pm pst

Be on chat during this practice war so you’ll know what to do and stuff.

Also the NMA tourny brackets are comming out tommorow and the first war will be on Sunday, just to let you know.

~Lucario NMA Leader