NMA Tourny reminder

12 05 2009

Edit number 2 – DDCP won the quilifing match so they now face UPA on sunday.

Edit – I made you author so you can post army stuff on here. and just a reminder that the first match is today, I will not be able to make it so Army leaders plz get some pics of the battle even if you are the only army there I still need pics or you’ll be disqualified.


I received an email saying that I was made an author. Why??? ive been inactive (sorry about that) so i might have missed something but somebody just explain this to me

~What the crap? Nacho 205~




10 responses

14 05 2009
the penguin queen

hi! I have a club penguin blog called club penguin kingdom and i was wondering if you would like to become a part of the club penguin kingdom forum we have. We have just opened it and are looking for other club penguin blogs and armies to see if they would like to co-run the forum. that way, you can get a larger number of viewers and we can have a large community forum! Feel free to email me for questions or a response at cpkblog@aol.com or join the kingdom and message or comment for me.
check out our forum at http://club-penguin-kingdom.forum.st/
Thanks! -The Penguin Queen

15 05 2009

hey you ever wonder what it would be like it the Roman Empire was still around today? would they own the entire earth by now?

15 05 2009

GPA DDCP’S first opponent surrendered!!! check ddcp site!

16 05 2009

Hey, Luc, I’ve a question. How many DDCP were at the war in the tourny?

17 05 2009

RCP has lost the UA vs RCP battle so UA will be in the semi finals round idd think that we won’t make it to the finals possible.

Wrath Strife~UA head genral~

P.S I think money has the pictures

19 05 2009

i um dont know how to do pics and put them on the blog

19 05 2009

why wasn’t my other comment not moderated yet

19 05 2009

ok ill post army stuff then

19 05 2009


20 05 2009

ok i own a army! im a 1 star general im very active and i fought in a lot of battle incuding the wcp tourny and i still dont have the tactics password!

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