NMA Tourny Round 2

20 05 2009

Good job to everyone in the NMA Tourny on the first week. here’s what happend.

Qualifing Match – DDCP won that I don’t have pics of that one though

Match 1 – NMA won because thier opponent didn’t show up or post on the tourny :s

Match 2 – UA won with a troop count of 2-0

My favorite part of the tourny –

Well apperantly Sunday was the day everyone decided to cheat first off

DDCP vs. UPA – DDCP thought it was ok to recruit on ACP chat during the battle therfore they got DQ’ed

AT vs. BP – Ark the AT Leader thought this would be nice to do and that luc would never find out –

AT dqed

Well anyways here’s the tourny table as of now –


Matchups –

UA vs. NMA

When – Friday 4:00 pm pst.

Where – Halfpipe snowforts/backup server Ice palace

Matchup –

UPA vs. BP

When – Friday 5:00 pm pst

Where – Halfpipe snowforts/Backup server Ice Palace

Good Luck


All NMA comment if you can or can’t come

I Also want more comments on these posts and of course MORE POSTS! I might start removing some authors too. If you comment on posts you are more lickly to be promoted next promo day.

And if i don’t see you on chat you won’t get promoted. http://xat.com/lucs_box

~Luc NMA Leader




7 responses

20 05 2009

OK great job sorry I couldn’t come

20 05 2009

its the semi finals dun dun dun

20 05 2009

good job ua 🙂 sorry my army didnt come i had to eat dinner and my mom doesnt let me have food at the computer 👿

20 05 2009

serves u right ddcp for recruiting on our sight! 😛

20 05 2009

rawr -.-

21 05 2009

I’ll be there.

21 05 2009

theres a problem money doesn’t know about the next round and I can’t make an proper post or comment what should I do.

Wrath Strife~UA head genral~

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